How Technology Is Allowing More Parents to Work from Home

Working from home is the dream for most parents. You can move forward in your career, enjoy a healthy income, and yet still be home for when the kids get there. You will likely still need to work the same number of hours, yes, but simply cutting out transportation time and being available if your child is sick at school can help you improve your relationship and your ability to parent overall.

Just because you are working from home, however, does not make your job easier. If anything, you need to be even more dedicated and disciplined.

The Ability of Cloud Computing

The first big breakthrough is cloud computing. This tech allows businesses to work on one server, located in the cloud. As someone who works remotely, you can access the same server and gain access to everything you need. With this, offices will soon become obsolete. Employees can work from anywhere, allowing them to move further away from big cities and enjoy larger homes for their families. Employers on the other hand can gain access to a talented workforce that is located all around the country.

There will need to be more systems put in place to monitor working and to make this remote working experience seamless, but the technology needed is there.

At-Home Tech for Even Advanced Work

Personal computers and laptops today are often more than capable of running any advanced software. The only exception is if you need to use expensive software that requires a pro computer to run. Video editing software, for example, takes up a lot of space and can be out of the budget for many. These oversized programs are thankfully few and far between. In most cases you should be able to do your work with ease. Even engineers can get a professional PCB design tool for a bargain, work remotely, and still collaborate with ease. Before you go about relocating your work from office to home, just double-check that your computer can handle the systems, and whether or not it would be cost effective to upgrade your PC.

Between cloud computing and powerful personal computers, more jobs can become remote. If yours is such a job that would allow for remote working you should talk to your manager and employer today and see if you can finally start working from home. It is the cost-effective solution for everyone involved. Start with a trial week and see how it suits you both.

When you work from home, you can utilize the time the kids are at school and cut out the long commutes that might have once plagued you. This way you can get your work done and be with your family in a split second. No more late dinners, no more missed school plays. You can be the best parent when you are more present, and by working from home and taking advantage of the tools and software available, you get to live a life with more balance.