How Tatiana Regan Gained So Many Instagram Followers

Instagram influencers have a great life which sees them attending events, getting free stuff and getting paid for their posts, to be honest a lifestyle like this seems quite unreal for anyone born before 1990! My good friend Tatiana Kukanova is a fashion influencer and she has recently found quite a lot of fame, after struggling for some years with this ambition. I have been helping out since the early days and it is so nice that everything has finally come to fruition and it has all been her own doing. Tatiana knew just what she wanted to be and she knew just how she was going to do it. I know a lot of people are struggling with their Instagram following and so here are some tips on how Tatiana got a large amount.

Not Caring

The first thing that you need to do is to stop caring about how many followers you have and instead focus on creating a great Instagram profile. You may think that this sounds strange but let me tell you that you can easily go for a year gaining 10 or 20 followers per month, and then all of a sudden you see that number growing exponentially. At this time you need to focus on creating great content and finding your niche, nothing more, the followers will come.


Something which Tatiana was always anal about was the quality of her content and in this regard she was an absolutely perfectionist who wouldn’t post something until it was right, even back when she only had 100 followers. This obsession for great quality content has really helped Tatiana and when more and more followers started to notice her, they would go back through this old content and engage with that as well. Just because you don’t have many followers doesn’t mean that you should short change them.


Tatiana would spend hours on her phone engaging with her followers and responding to people’s comments and messages. These days this is slightly harder to do given the massive following that she has but she will still try her best to leave comments and positive remarks for people to read. Tatiana always saw Instagram as a great community and she felt that for her to expect followers and likes, she should repay the kindness.


Back when we were first starting out we didn’t really know our way around the social media channel and so it was very much a learning curve for us both. I say this because in the past we never did any hashtags or geotags, because we didn’t really know what they were about. We found an article online about them and began using them, and then is when things really blew up for Tatiana. Hashtags are a great way to find followers and it is a method which worked perfectly for Tatiana and saw her really boos her following.

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