How Innovative Technology Can Improve Your Business

Technology has dramatically changed the way we not only live our lives but how we conduct business and how we, in turn as consumers, enjoy a better experience with the companies we interact with on a daily basis.

For business owners, if you aren’t keeping up with the latest technology, you will be left behind, with competitors jumping ahead of you in the race to secure new custom. How do you decide which new, innovative technology to focus on, however? Below are four areas of your business you can improve today with innovative technology.

Improving Customer Experience

It’s vital when you are assisting your customers that you can access their information and data quickly and easily. If you can’t, you run the risk of customers becoming frustrated, further damaging your brand reputation, especially if they are contacting you regarding a missed delivery or issue with their order. For SAP ERP running businesses, using innovative solutions such as the Omnia Contact Centre application, available from, ensures our customer service teams deliver the best experience to every customer. By implementing a modern, web-based SAP centric application, every member of your team can be more efficient and accurate when dealing with orders, having the ability to manage data, access order information, invoices and account management.

Improving Payment Methods

41% of millennials now call paying with cash “inconvenient,” which means if you only accept paper payment in your business, you are missing out on a huge audience. With the invention of contactless payment, came a cashless revolution, one which you need to get onboard with sooner rather than later. There are a variety of payment methods which are now becoming more popular than paying with cash, including contactless, Apple Pay, and debit and credit cards. However, there are also emerging payment technology evolving, which includes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which studies believe will overtake cash payments completely in the future. By adopting innovative payment methods now, you can cement your place as an industry leader, opening the doors to a much wider audience than if you were simply accepting cash only.

Improving Communication Channels

Communication is key within any business, whether you are a B2B company or B2C. When the communication is clear and everyone within the company are able to access the correct information when they need it, the business and processes will run much smoother and quicker. Innovation has transformed the way businesses and consumers communicate, with the introduction of chatbots being readily available, assisting customers when they contact your business. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has made huge progress throughout many business processes, is now improving the way businesses can save time and automate their customer service departments. AI communication allows customer service teams a day off at the weekend, knowing the chatbots will be able to help any queries and inquires.

For a business’s internal communications, however, the method of answering and discussing project inquiries quickly and efficiently is key to ensure timely delivery. By utilizing innovative communication methods, such as Slack and Skype, you can cut down time wasting emails, as you can easily send a colleague a message, knowing they can pick it up wherever they are (especially when using Skype).

Technology has improved every aspect of modern life, so it stands to reason that it will only continue to improve businesses, from how they interact with consumers to the completion of timely projects. As a business owner, if you aren’t keeping up to date, you will be left behind.