Characteristics the C Programming Developers Must Have

C is a general-purpose programming and high-level language that is basically used for developing firmware, various real time operations or various portable applications. Originally this language is designed to write system software, C was developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie 1970’s in Unix Operating System. C language is ranked among the most commonly used languages, C has a compiler for computer systems and has inclined many other popular languages, especially C ++.The language belongs to various c programming challenges where the code of the problem is very difficult to write. The high level, C and assembly language share a large number of the same attributes. The major features of c language is to include access to memory, the simple set of instructions ,keywords and style makes the c language very much suitable for system programming like: development of complier and operating system. Many latest languages carried the syntax/characteristics indirectly or directly from c language. Like syntax of PHP, Java, JavaScript is based on c language.

Characteristics of a good C developer: To learn the code is first step to becoming a developer.

  1. Analytical thinking: A developer must have super thinking skills at the systems level. Developer must have excitement for problem solving and ability to balance thinking about both the big and small details.
  2. Optimistic approach: A good programmer always cares about the client’s product. Programmer ispositive; they are eager to complete the work before the time and do their best on daily basis. When the client needs to send a product to the market within the established period, the great programmer will ensure that the product is released when possible because developers care about the client’s requirements.
  3. Absolute communication skills: Good communication skills are straightforwardly related to high-quality development skills. A great developer firstly understands the problems then cut the problem into small related hypotheses and suggest the solution in logical way. They recognize the concepts quickly, and ask the questions to understand, and they never note down the specific documents. Often developers speak several languages consistently and feel comfortable with the documentation in English. In the technology world, English is the language by which theinteraction is possible between documentation and developers. If they can’t speak well, then they will need translators, by this they make their knowledge second hand and quickly out-of-date.
  4. Excellent time and task management: The great developers are extremely consistent. These developers have strong work ethic and present themselves in meetings on time. The important skill is the ability to guess the exact or approximate time needed to complete a task.
  5. Capacity to learn quickly: The great developers are incredible self-learners. They have the capability to learn latest technologies by their own .In the career of the developers anytime a situation will occur when they don’t have the solution to that particular problem Each programmer will experience a situation where they do not know the answer then to find out the answer to this situation they find the sources and talk to different peoples. The best skill is to know how they can learn the new thingsand the good developer must have the ability to learn by himself.
  6. Extensive technical experience: The big developers always worked with a different of technologies to become experts .To find a programmer is very important who already worked on a similar product to given productor may uses the equal important technologies. To hire better c programmers is very important because when the given task is giving to the right programmer then the project is going on because the programmer already know the right technologies and selected programmer will follow the coding standards and write a good code that is easy to interpreted. By their strong abilities and with the strong industry experience, they can reach to optimal solutions very easily.
  7. Skilled Team leader: The excellent quality of finest developers is their ability to help other developers to improve. They offer help to teammates when they are in big blunders, teach latest skills to others developers and help the teammates with write the particular code on the document.
  8. Focus on the high quality user: A great programmer thinks about the end user and works to resolve problems within the capabilities of the organization. A good programmer always knows the feature to building the great value in the code.

C is the oldest existing programming languages. The latter it is derived from the former, but shows more efficiency and output. Every programming language has their individual advantages and disadvantages to each other. C is a procedural programming language which works on level of abstraction. It is lightweight, complied and offers memory management which is manual. The strong point of the c programming language is based on performance and the ability to use it for coding on a variety of platforms. Therefore, the programming language is used to encode almost anything or any kind of problem with optimal solution. Today’s a wide variety of specialized, and variety of programming languages are available to choose, C was a great invention during early years or in the era when no technique or code is used to interpret the specific problem. The level of flexibility was unmatched during the early age of the c language’s language is very simple and basic of various advance languages C language not only the reason for the generation of new languages but plays a role of motivation to the birth of multitude of high level programming languages currently popular for Java, PHP, etc. Almost all programmer learn the c language to know the any advance language because to learn the advance, the programmer have to learn the basic syntax of c language and after that the programmer feel easy to learn the advance language. At last, it is recommended that to learn the advanced, one has to start from the bottom.