6 Steps to Brand Your Business In The Right Way

There are numerous marketing methods that will work to promote different businesses. Learning how to market your business effectively can yield amazing results. By leveraging these resources your business will become known in no time. Branding is consistent. The audience must recognize your brand when they hear, see or buy any product.

YouTube Promotion

YouTube is a giant social platform that has made thousands of people and businesses popular. As popular as the platform is it doesn’t guarantee you any views from simply posting a video. You can rank YouTube videos based on their social ranking factors. To rank your video you must give YouTube what they want. Take a look at what YouTube wants below.

Ranking Factors

  • You need to consistently post new videos
  • Drip feed social signals over a 60 day period
  • High retention views
  • You need engagement
  • You need consistent likes and subscribers

High retention views tell YouTube that your audience is really feeling your videos. Therefore they will boost your videos in their SERPS. Engagement such as likes and subscribers tells YouTube your audience thinks your content is important. If you have keyword-optimized your videos you should see traffic in no time. Keep in mind not all niches have the same volume of traffic. So do yourself a favour and research your niche prior to marketing on YouTube.


Safari SEO Agency explains that SEO is a form of promotion that gives companies an opportunity to promote their blog or website organically through search engines. If you aren’t an SEO guru you should hire a trustworthy SEO service to check over your site to make sure it is fully optimized for ranking prior to them backlink building for you. Keyword rankings if done properly can make you rich in no time. SEO is great because it works for just about any business your promoting as long as your niche receives a reasonable search volume each month.

Sales Funnels

Once your business is performing well from SEO you need to set up sales funnels. A sales funnel is a series of steps you take your prospect through to qualify them to sign up for your business opportunity or buy your product. Apart from having a sales funnel is having a good autoresponder system.

The difference between a website and a sales funnel is the sales funnel is able to continue persuading your prospect to buy into your offer through a series of sales tactics, meanwhile, a website isn’t. It has been proven that it takes your average prospect 8 times of reviewing your product or opportunity before they purchase. Your sales funnel can be set up to email your prospect up to 60 days if necessary.

Direct Mail Marketing

If you haven’t tried postcard marketing yet, now is the time. Direct mail marketing is a powerful way to have prospects calling you. It’s a preferred way to market offline because postcards generally don’t cost a fortune to print. You can also work with companies like postcardmania to have them tackle your projects with ease. If your attempting bulk mailing through your local post office check with them to see if you need a bulk mailing permit. You wouldn’t t want all your hard-earned cash tossed in the trash.

Resume Marketing

Resume marketing is a great way to recruit candidates for your company if you work for Life Insurance. It’s technique companies use to recruit and they have been successful at it for years. Many years ago resume platforms use to have candidate resumes posted free to the public. That all changed once they found out how profitable selling resumes could be. Companies such as Monster, now charge hundreds to thousands of dollars to sale resumes.

Ready For Promotion

The information listed above is some of the best advice one can receive to jump-start their business. Promoting is something that takes practice. Always encourage your prospects to share your business. If need be, take up a college marketing course. Just remember you are in control of how much you make.