5 Best Ways To Improve Data And Information Security In 2021

Everyday stories about how some of the other company’s data was breached are splashed on news platforms. From big names like Twitter, Cambridge Analytica, and Marriott hotels to smaller start-ups, cybercriminals are more active than they have ever been.

According to a report released by the FBI, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world saw an increase of over 500% in terms of cyberattacks. Being under the impression that data breaches happen only to big companies is something that smaller companies should guard against.

With information technology and data analytics becoming such an integral part of our lives, businesses must look to strengthen the same. In this article, we speak to leading cybersecurity experts. We ask them about the best ways to improve data and information security in 2021.

List of 5 Best Ways to Improve Data and Information Security in 2021

  • Encryption of the Devices-

In today’s world, a single employee might be using a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and even a desktop for office work. This means that he or she has multiple digital touchpoints that if not protected can result in vulnerabilities.

A major reason is that even despite the management saying that personal devices should not be used for official work, there are errors that end up being made. This is why encryption can ensure that your data and information are protected and is not under threat.

  • Public Key Infrastructure-

A relatively recent but successful security infrastructure that is gaining prominence is public key infrastructure. PKI as it is commonly called consists of a set of public and private keys that are handed to individuals that have digital certificates authenticating them.

The adoption of the same can take place on emails, software access, drive locations, and cloud storage. This allows for complete security and prevents your data and information from getting into the wrong hands. This is a simple and effective way of boosting cybersecurity.

  • Responsibly disposing of Old Data-

Many companies might not need data that is five or ten years old. However, while they may not have used for the same, others, especially dangerous elements will always want to get their hands on them. This is why it is important to ensure that data disposal is done responsibly.

Shifting older data from a more secured environment to an external hard drive is what most companies do to free up space. You need to remember that old data hacks can cause you as much damage as the new ones. It is important to work with an expert in this regard.

  • Creating Strong Passwords within the Organization-

Time and again cybersecurity experts have pointed out that small things like maintaining strong passwords are all it takes to prevent an attack. You need to understand that the more complicated the password, the less are the chances of it being hacked and accessed.

A combination of strong alphabets, numerical digits, and special characters will prove to be quite difficult for any potential hacker. Most scammers pass passwords through a software algorithm that seeks to place the most common passwords in the hope of unlocking a device.

  • Investing in Cybersecurity Infrastructure-

Many of the biggest firms and CEOs believe that cybersecurity is something that requires proper attention. This is because one single breach does have the capacity to wipe out billions of dollars from a company’s valuation. It can also create a loss of credibility in the business.

Investing in cybersecurity infrastructure is a good investment for a business that wants to keep itself future-proof. If you have not been targeted yet, chances are that you will face the music sooner rather than later. Updating security systems can be the only way to protect your business.

The Final Word

Businesses must never underestimate the threat from cybercriminals. If you have not been attacked, consider yourself lucky and learn from the examples of others. This can be the preparation or wake-up call you need to start taking cybersecurity issues seriously. By following the five ways in the article, you can ensure that your data and information systems will be safe.