Women Business Owners You Should Follow

Starting a business is not easy. We all know how difficult it is to start from scratch, with many fears and negative thoughts. You fear failing, being scammed, not finding business loans for women, someone stealing your entrepreneurial ideas, among others. However, it is also well known that with patience, perseverance, and a lot of effort you can achieve success!

Now it’s your turn to reach your goals. If you feel alone, misunderstood, or need inspiration in your entrepreneurial way, read the story about these five business women.

Jimena Florez, Director of Chaak Healthy Snacks

This Latina woman is the creator of a large company that is dedicated to making healthy snacks, but she goes much further. Jimena also has the objective of changing the nutritional lifestyle of children in the United States and she also intends to encourage hundreds of farmers in Colombia so that they can make a living from agriculture and at the same time learn how to apply environmentally friendly techniques.

You should follow her because she is not only an example of entrepreneurship but of social awareness. Jimena teaches that it’s not just about making money but about impacting people.

Payal Kadakia, Creator of Classpass

Currently, Payal Kadakia’s business is valued at $600 million. It is incredible to think of how someone can achieve such success. Kadakia’s story shows that it also takes a lot of passion and hard work. Especially in the business world that has given women less opportunities of getting basic support like business loans.

Her parents emigrated from India to the United States and there she stood out as an excellent student. She worked for a time at Bain & Company and Warner Music, but after seeing how difficult it was to enroll in ballet classes, she decided to create an application that would be a directory for dance classes of all kinds. The success was resounding.

Monica Ramirez, Chief Entrepreneur at TowerTech Americas

This Colombian is Chief Entrepreneur and Co-Founder at TowerTech, a Fintech with a presence in Latin America that offers its own technological solutions and commercialization of devices for service stations and mobile commerce that simplify the way in which companies, people, and financial institutions relate to each other.

Hooi Ling Tan, Co-creator of Grab

Grab was founded in June 2012 by Hooi Ling Tan with Anthony Tan, in Singapore. It’s a company of transport vehicles with a driver that, through a mobile application, connects passengers with vehicle drivers, who offer a transport service to individuals.

It also connects shared bikes and currently has more than 5,000 employees with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Burma, and Cambodia. Today, Grab is one of the largest transportation apps in Southeast Asia and the largest mobile technology company in the area.

Jennifer Hyman, Co-founder of Rent the Runway

Have you ever wanted to wear designer clothes without paying high costs? That’s what Rent the Runway does. Founded by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss in 2009, it allows users to subscribe and rent exclusive dresses and accessories. The success that this business has achieved is overwhelming and the company is currently valued at $1 billion. It’s all due to how innovative this business turned out to be and the hard work of its founders.

Outside of her business, Hyman is an equally influential woman and was even part of the TIME list of the 100 most influential people of 2019. Apart from working at her company, Hyman also participates in conferences and round tables where she addresses issues about women in business and corporate culture.

Inspiration for Many

As you can see, no matter what your background is, you can still undertake and be successful. Although there are many ways to start your business, like asking for business loans for women, co-undertaking with a friend or colleague, or using your savings, the most important thing is that you love your project and that you work with dedication.

The female entrepreneurs on this list not only settled for founding a company or starting a business, but they also found a way to impact society and make a change in the world. Define how you would like to impact or help those around you and when you have difficult moments in your business, the passion for what you do will keep you going.