What Bonworth Do So Well That Sets Them Apart

For many years now I have been shopping in the mother and daughter store Bonworth, with both of my daughters. I originally found out about this store thanks to some great reviews which were written about it online, and I had such a great experience that I kept going back time and time again. Shopping with your daughter is not always easy and in truth, many of the stores where they would like to go, would offer nothing for someone of my age. Thankfully however, COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar has created a perfect business model for mothers and daughters to be able to share in the shopping experience together. I wanted to write a quick review about the store, what I love about them and what sets them apart from the rest.

Family Ethos

Few companies these days actually have an ethos about them, or indeed any kind of moral values, but with Bonworth, this is not the case. The company have worked hard to promote its family values and it focusses very much on mums and daughters being able to come into the store together, and find what they want.


The price of Bonworth, is not only competitive but very reasonable indeed, especially given the huge range of beautiful clothing that the store offers. Unlike in many places, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for the low prices here and let’s be honest, that is something that most definitely helps out the mums. I know for a fact that I can go shopping with my two daughters, come home with bags full of clothing for everyone, without having to run up a huge bill. On top of that, the high quality of clothing means that it lasts for a very long time, another huge benefit for mums who don’t want to take their child shopping every 3 months.


They say that good staff are hard to find, and if that is the case it is because they are all working for Bonworth. Every experience that I have had with an employee has been fantastic and each one has been a star in the way that they have helped me out. Whether I am browsing for something in particular, looking for additional sizes or bringing back something to return, the staff have high standards and they deliver every single time. To be honest, if the staff weren’t great then the low prices and high quality would stand for nothing, thankfully however, the staff are absolutely wonderful.


I love the way that this store is always selling clothes which are very much in style, and that goes for all age groups. This has certainly been a contributing factor to my children enjoying shopping here, especially given the image-conscious mindset of today’s youth.

If you plan on taking your daughter shopping, I cannot recommend this place enough, it is the perfect place for a bit of retail therapy with your daughter.