Warning: Are You Losing Out On Provident Home Loan Refunds?

Have you taken out a Provident home loan and been negatively affected by the loan? Many borrowers have taken out a loan from the Provident and had no problems with the process or loan. However, this isn’t the case for everyone, and some applicants have been left in a challenging position.

You might be entitled to claim money back from the Provident, but it is up to you to pursue the matter. You might be losing out on Provident home loan refunds, but help is on offer to ensure you get the support you need to reclaim your money.

Who are the Provident and are they reliable?

The Provident claims to be one the leading providers of home loans across the United Kingdom. The company has developed a positive reputation for the fact they carry out home visits to ascertain whether an applicant is suitable to be a lender.

This is a step which provides many applicants with confidence about the lender, and their processes.

While it is fair to say many people are happy with the loans provided by Provident, not everyone feels this way. Even for companies regarded as trustworthy, there is a chance that mistakes arise, and that you might not have received the standard of care you should have received when arranging your loan.

Can I contact Provident directly and raise the problem?

You are free to contact Provident directly and claim a refund from your loan. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from them, you can escalate the matter with the FCA and the FOS. However, it might be best if you seek help from the experts in making a claim against Provident.

What are the grounds for complaint against a lender such as Provident?

If you are going to make a successful complaint against Provident, you need to have grounds for complaint. The following reasons are considered valid factors in raising a complaint against a lender:

  • Being unsure as to what fees you must pay on the loan and what charges relate to the loan
  • Not knowing the payment dates for the loan
  • Being unable to pay for the loan
  • Not knowing the total cost of the loan

If the lender fails to provide you with this information, they leave themselves open to a claim, and this is where you can reclaim your loan from the Provident.

What should I provide when making my claim?

When you are ready to make your claim against the Provident, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. How much money did I borrow with the loan?
  2. How many months was the loan spread over?
  3. Was I able to repay the loan comfortably, and without negatively impacting my ability to pay over bills?

When you can answer these questions, you have the basis of a case, and this is the time to call for professional help in claiming a refund from Provident.

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