Top Tech Gadgets for your Lifestyle

If you love staying up to date with the latest pieces of technology, continue reading to discover 5 of the top tech gadgets, which you may be interested in getting your hands on. Examples of which include smartwatches, trackable pens, and slim Bluetooth trackers.

Top Tech Gadgets for your Lifestyle:

1. The Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch

If you’re searching for a smartwatch which is a little more stylish than an Apple Watch, which you’ll find on the wrist of every second person which you know, you may want to invest in a stylish Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smart Watch.

This sleek black on black watch will send you discreet smartphone notifications and will automatically sync your watch’s time to your smart phone’s time. Better yet, this particular model boasts six months of battery life, without needing to be recharged!

2. The Cross Peerless TrackR Pen

If you’re looking to invest in a pen which writes beautifully and which is packed full of technological features, you need to get your hands on a Cross Peerless TrackR Pen. Which you can sync with your smartphone so that you’ll automatically receive a smartphone notification if you accidentally leave your pen behind at a meeting or in your car.

3. The Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Headphones

The Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Headphones boast built-in heart rate sensors, which will send data on your heart rate, whilst you’re exercising to your smartphone. Which will give you a great indication, of how hard you’ve been working out! These high tech noise-canceling headphones will provide four hours of use, on a single battery charge and also come with a handy charging case, which holds up to 9 extra hours of battery life.

4. The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

If you’re a fitness junky who loves technology, it’s well worth investing in a Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch which features a built-in heart rate sensor and a built-in GPS monitor. You’ll also be able to use your Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch to track every single step which you take in a day as well as how many flights of stairs you climb and how many calories you burn as a result of physical activity.

One of the reasons why the Ionic Smartwatch is so popular amongst fitness fanatics is that it’s waterproof and boasts four full days of battery life. Which is useful as no one wants to recharge their smart watch on a daily basis!

5. The Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

If you frequently lose important items such as your wallet or your keys, you might want to purchase a Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker, which will allow you to track important items, such as your wallet with a handy smartphone application.

This particular tracker is a great option as it’s slimmer than previous models and can easily fit a credit card slot in your wallet and is lightweight enough to be attached to your car keys or house keys.

It’s well worth purchasing any of the 5 tech gadgets listed above, which takes your fancy as each gadget has sold countless models and is highly rated!