Tips and Tricks to Move Around in Apex Legends

The movement is one of the most important aspects of Apex Legends, and here are some important tips that will help you master this mechanic. The movement of players in Apex Legends is very unique compared to other Battle Royale titles, especially when considering things like sliding, climbing, jumping towers, zip lines, ropes and other elements or mechanics that allow players to travel the map of different ways, you can also buy apex legends boost from

Octane and his Ultimate

Octane is the newest legend of Apex Legends and his skill set focuses on movement. When you use your ultimate ability, you can get a 30% increase by simply sliding to the launch pad and pressing the jump button to the right when you get there.

After throwing yourself into the air, you can reduce the distance using the mouse and the A / D keys, as long as you make sure you don’t press the forward key while you’re in the air.

Rabbit Healing

A vulnerability in the game allows players to move quickly while using a health item, and this can be reduced by a jump linked to the mouse scroll wheel up.

The action can be performed by sliding, pressing the key to start using the health item, and only using the A / D keys to go in the direction in which you are jumping in the bunny hop style.

Mind you, keep in mind that Respawn knows about this type of technique and plans to release a patch to eliminate it in the not too distant future.

String and Zip Line Movement Techniques

Here are several movement techniques that you can execute while using a rope or zip line, which can help you gain a small boost or advantage in many situations.

  • Jump rope: press the jump when you reach the top of a rope you are climbing to get a small air boost.
  • Offensive rope jump: Use a rope to throw yourself at enemies that may be hidden behind the cover.
  • Zipline maneuver: When using a zip line, jump and join the line continuously to make it harder for enemy players to shoot at you.
  • Zipline maneuver # 2: When dropping from a zipline, make sure to bend over, as it saves you some time being in the air.

Various Movement Tips

Here are some additional techniques that you can use to move much more efficiently and effectively, either to reach certain areas or to gain an advantage in a shooting.

  • Speed jump: You can reach the maximum distance after jumping from the heights by sliding first, running, then jumping, all while pressing with the mouse at the end.
  • Door climbing: Use open doors as protrusions to reach the ceilings that may be impossible to reach simply by climbing.
  • Sliding: Sliding from side to side in a shootout will reduce the hitbox of your Legend.

Keep in mind that these techniques are all good for now, but Respawn could implement changes in future updates that they could mitigate its effectiveness.

The last character of Apex Legends, Revenant, could have been really powerful

Respawn Entertainment director Jason McCord has told how the character’s original abilities felt “unfair.” If we had launched as originally thought, we would be talking about the most unbalanced legend in the history of the game.

Originally, the character was going to have an ability to mark an opponent during the rest of the game by hitting that ability. This is, broadly speaking, wallhack, something that proved to be too powerful during the tests.

Feeling unfair and unbalanced, the ability, called “Mark of Death”, was not finally added, a skill that can be seen in the trailers that were released from Revenant.

In addition, another curious characteristic of the character was canceled. Crouching, he would dislocate his shoulders to walk like a spider, something really terrifying.

However, the animation turned out to be too coarse, and greatly hindered the character’s passive ability (in addition to making it a really difficult target), so it was finally discarded.

It seems that from the developer they are clear: it is important to create interesting characters, but without them being completely broken.