Stephen Stapinski Andover – What You Will Need to Become an Actor

Something which often discourages people from going into acting is how hard things are within this career. What they may not be aware of however, is that it is not the acting that is particularly difficult. The part that is tough is making a career from this, and become a big star. There are many fine actors such as Stephen Stapinski Andover, who make a good living from acting, despite not yet reaching the dizzying heights of some of the world’s biggest earning actors.

The key to becoming an actor is making sure that you have the right set of skills, and here is what you should be focused on.


There are some unique actors who just have what it takes and who will walk into positions from a young age and build their stock from there. This however is a rare group and for the majority of actors, their success comes down to one thing, and that is dedication to the craft. Actors must always be finding ways in which they can improve, ways in which they can become better performers and find better gigs. All of this requires great levels of dedication.

Thick Skin

As an actor you have to have thick skin if you are going to survive. The truth is that auditions are so competitive and you are going to face an awful lot of rejections before you eventually get that gig. This means that you have to keep building up that expectation, having it dashed, and then going back again and again until it sticks. Some of the world’s most famous actors and some of the world’s highest paid actors, struggled for years before they got their big break, and this is going to be the same for you.


Keeping up acting lessons, making enough money to survive and to get you to those auditions is going to be tough, and that is why you have to have a hustler spirit. There are so many young men and women who have crummy jobs that they work in for 9 hours per day, and then they go to acting class at night, and auditions when they can. This is not a fun life, it is a hard one, but to those who want the life and the success which it can eventually bring, they will put in the hard yards and get it done.


Never underestimate the power which contacts can have in this industry in particular. So many actors get auditions and get opportunities because of who they know. Whether you agree that this is the way that it should be or not, the truth is that this is reality. And so when you are at auditions try to speak with fellow actors, look to strike up conversations with producers and directors to see if they can give you a shot. This is a small world and chances are few, make sure that you have contacts who can help.