Ryan Grigson Shows People How to Be a Cleveland Browns Fan


As the new personal executive, Ryan Grigson has made it his mission to ensure everybody becomes a Cleveland Browns fan. Unfortunately, the Cleveland Browns have a bit of a reputation of losing year-on-year. However, Brown’s fans are known to always come together and stick together, regardless of what their team does. The Cleveland fighting chance comma which is now lovingly renamed “wait till next year”, is what brings people together and their flag is something to take pride in.


Ryan Grigson on Being a Browns Fan


One of the things that sets the Cleveland Browns apart is that they may not have the most well-known quarterbacks on board, but they also suffer from very few player injuries. It is rare to hear their players have a severe ACL tear or even a twisted ankle. Not just that, the Cleveland Browns have a forward-looking vision. They are not short-sighted, Focuses only on the February against. Rather, they consider the entire year of importance and make sure their fans always have things to look forward to.


One thing that is for certain about the Cleveland Browns is that they are true movers and shakers. They have had numerous changes in coaching, numerous changes and defensive coordinators, changes in white receiver coaches, assistant head coaches, defensive line coaches, defensive quality control coaches, conditioning coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and so on. Numerous big names have been involved with the Cleveland Browns and have seen in this team something that many others have not. This is also what Ryan Grigson aims to continue to work on.


Uniquely, the Cleveland Browns Foundation continues to operate as strong as ever before. It was started in 1999 with a goal to help those who need it. What this means is that anyone who is a Browns fan or who is in any other way associated with the Browns, will always be ready to help in hospitals, civic groups, charities, nonprofit organizations, charitable causes, and schools, all across northern Ohio.


The history of the Cleveland Browns is one of tremendous success, even if it also includes a lot of controversy. Throughout the history, the Cleveland Browns of actually 18 championships in their leaves period between the 1940s and 1960s, the Cleveland Browns did fantastically well. Indeed, when they first took to the NFL, they did better than anybody had expected. The following year, they continued is upward trend. The Cleveland Browns, which were owned by Paul Brown, were purchased by Art Modell in 1961. Brown and Modell had instant rivalry, which some people attribute to the string of bad luck the team had as well.


Since the 1990s, the Browns haven’t done tremendously well. The Cleveland Browns as we know them today have existed since 1999 and they have in fact struggled since then as well. But what has never struggled is the fanbase of the Cleveland Browns. They are some of the most loyal and most dedicated in all of the country. The dog pound is famous across the United States and this really shows the love that Cleveland Browns fans have for their team.