Roger Wolfson = What To Remember To Be a Great Storyteller

There are some great storytellers in this world, amazing people who have completely grasped the art of how to deliver a story and how tell a tale which keeps people on their seats. Most of these individuals have forged their way into entertainment or literature, people like the brilliant Roger Wolfson who has used his skill in telling stories to create an incredible career in film, TV and through literature. But what is it exactly that these people possess?

Storytelling can help you in life, when socializing and even if you are looking to take on an endeavor such as blog or a short story, perhaps even more than that. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at what great storytellers get right.

Building a Foundation

The foundation of a story is about offering up background, character history and motivation. Ultimately it is the information which is told in this early stage of the story, which will then make what is to come believable and give it reason for being. There is little point in introducing a character down the line who plays an important role in the story, if that character has never been talked about before, or if they have come from nowhere with zero background info.

Creating Suspense

Building suspense is a wonderful talent which storytellers have, and it is about keeping the audience guessing as to what the next move will be, how a certain situation will pan out, and ultimately keeping the audience on the edge of their seat. What this does is not only invoke emotion in the audience, it also keeps them interested in the story. We want audiences to be fascinated by the details in the story and that act of building suspense does this perfectly.

Shocks and Surprises

If we think back to some of the great storytelling which we have seen on screen of late the likes of Game of Thrones for example, what they do so well is to shock the audience. If you allow the audience or the viewers to get comfortable in the way that things are going to be, then they are not going to get the most out of the story. You have to ensure that they know anything could happen at anytime, and that means giving them a shock every now and again.


And ultimately storytelling, especially when it comes to characters, is about making them relatable. If you are talking about a character for example, no matter whether it is a policewoman or an alien, they have to have some level of reliability within their personality and characteristics. This is what draws the audience in and it is what ultimately will make them interested to see how the character is going to play out.

The devil is very much in the details when it comes to storytelling, as well as getting these skills just right for the listener, keep practicing and you will get there.