Nigel Allen on Why Networking Is So Important for Small Businesses

It has been said that networking is the most important thing anyone in any organization can do in order for it to be successful. Indeed it is what has driven people such as Nigel Allen, who aim to empower others to focus on integrated working, developing relevant and meaningful relationships that allow them to truly become successful. Many business experts the world over agree that networking is essential to business success. They are joined in that belief by sales people, community leaders, politicians, executives, financial analysts, and so on. Being able to network maybe a soft skill, it is possibly the most important soft skills anyone can have.

Why Networking Matters According to Nigel Allen

Networking is important in every aspect of her life. This is why social media, which is a type of networking, is such an integral part of who we are today. A very good example that demonstrates why this type of networking is so important for businesses is found in LinkedIn. On average, every second two new people sign up to this platform. Additionally, when looking at the amount of click throughs from social media to business websites, 64% of them come from LinkedIn, compared to just 17% that click through Facebook. Clearly, social networking in the right places is incredibly important.

There are four key benefits to networking properly. Those are:

To increase referral numbers and thereby sales.

To share knowledge and skills, thereby improving your own ability to run a business.

To find other businesses from which to purchase necessary services and goods.

To become more creative and innovative in how you manage your own business.

It has been said that knowledge is power. If you are a small business, it is important to acknowledge that you do not know it all yet. Hence, you should consider linking up and networking with those who have more experience, effectively learning from their mistakes and avoiding them yourself, thereby increasing the rate at which you build your own knowledge.

Additionally, by building a strong network, you will be able to find new customers, new ways of marketing, and new suppliers. Naturally, you will also have to help others in your network, but this increases your visibility and your reputation. You will be remembered by others, and that is perhaps the best form of marketing evolved.

Social media and the internet as a whole has made the world of business far more transparent than ever before. What this has demonstrated above all else is that consumers want to work with organizations that they trust and like. In order to build that trust and like ability, you must network. It is a form of nurturing, in which you will develop mutually helpful but also meaningful relationships with consumers, businesses, and the community as a whole.Two network means to work together, and this will help you, but also other businesses, there by effectively improving the whole world.