Matthew Boente – Reasons to Fall in Love With Music Festivals

This weekend Matthew Boente and I should’ve been at Glastonbury festival in the UK, an amazing festival which has brought us back time and time again over the years. Of course we will not be at the festival because of the situation which we are all going through, and this weekend instead we will be spending our time watching old performances on that iconic Pyramid stage.

Because of all of this, and of course the overwhelming desire that we have to get outside and socialize, I have been thinking a great deal about music festivals and how much I long to go to one. For these reasons, I wanted to share with you exactly why I love a music festival, and why you will too.


The main reason to go to this kind of festival is of course to see bands and artists, and this is something which you should be open to. Many go to see the big hitters which of course is a great way to spend your time, but so too is checking out some young and upcoming artists, as all the big ones have been down there at some stage. I can remember seeing the Strokes as an unknown band at Leeds festival, some 6 months before they really blew up. If you check out the smaller stages then you may get some luck like I had.


It is the overwhelming sense of freedom which I love the most at festivals, the chance to walk through that gate and forget all about who you are and what responsibilities you have. This is the chance to be whoever you want, to let it all hang out over the course of a weekend and to live without fear of anything. This is why music festivals are so special, because this is at the heart of what everyone is feeling.


When you put thousands of people together who have this overwhelming sense of freedom, you are bound to have some amazing experiences with one another and this has long been my experience of music festivals. There is a camaraderie between everyone at a music festival, a certain feeling of being in this together, and that is something which you just cannot avoid, it is everywhere you go.


Some of my finest memories with friends is at a music festival, vegging out by the tent talking about last night’s wildness, the bands we saw, the laughs we had. Even now we continue to talk about these memories and they are going to stay with us forever. Going to a music festival with friends is one of the finest experiences which you can have on this Earth and as soon as lockdown is over with I implore you all to get booked up and go and enjoy this incredible weekend.

Which music festival would be your first choice to go to? To read more on topics like this, check out the blog category.