Maternity Options for the Stylish Mom

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the best moments of your life. After a while, however, you can no longer fit into your clothes and wonder if you will ever be able to see your feet again. Figuring out what you’re going to wear until the baby arrives can be a challenge. While many soon-to-be moms feel self-conscious about their steadily growing baby bump, you shouldn’t!

You’re going to be a mom and you’re going to look great doing it. In this blog post, you can read a few tips on how to dress stylishly as an expectant mother – we’ve even offered a few options to get you started.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt it

While it may be tempting to cover your growing belly with shirts that are three sizes too big, that’s not going to do much for your self-confidence as your pregnancy progresses. Instead, try embracing your pregnancy with clothes that are comfortable yet well-fitting. Boho blouses and leggings are extremely popular among expectant mothers, and they keep you looking stylish and current, as well.

Casual yet chic

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be chic, but the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable. That’s where a gorgeous maternity maxi dress can come in handy. From floral prints to solids colors to off-shoulder maxis, you will certainly make a statement in these casual-yet-chic dresses.

Always stock up on the jeans

No matter how stylish you want to look, you are going to have those days when you feel like jeans and a T-shirt. You don’t have to give up your style to wear a pair of maternity jeans. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you have at least three pairs of maternity jeans in your wardrobe at all times.

Cute but comfy kicks

When it comes to shoes and being an expectant mother, there are a few options you’re going to want to avoid. Nine-inch heels and flip flops might not be your best choice as your baby bump grows and you become more off-balance.

There are plenty of cute must-have shoes for expectant mothers out there. These shoes will let you be comfortable but stylish at the same time. We suggest stocking up on a couple pairs of flats in neutral colors to spice up any outfit you’re wearing, whether out on the town shopping for baby stuff or out at a romantic dinner with your significant other.

Make a statement while keeping your style

Whether it’s a full-length cardigan, a pencil skirt, or your expensive pair of maternity jeans, you can make a statement while still keeping your sense of style, even though you are expecting. Don’t forget to add the accessories that you love to set off the basic maternity clothes you just purchased. Remember, expecting a baby is a super-exciting time and your body and lifestyle will go through many different changes. Luckily, your style doesn’t have to be one of them. Pregnant women are beautiful and glowing, and their clothes are gorgeous right along with them.

These are just a few of the tips and maternity options you have for being a stylish expectant mom. Make sure to take your time, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and dress as stylish as you always have in the past.