How to be a travel writer: Useful tips and tricks

If you’re passionate about travel and exploring worldwide destinations, you may be interested in carving out a career as a travel writer. If so, continue reading to discover how to be a travel writer.

How to be a travel writer: Useful tips and tricks

1. Read as many travel blogs and articles as you can

One way to understand how to create a successful, well-read travel blog is to read as many travel blogs as you can, in order to find out which features you may wish to copy as well as which features, put you off following your fellow travel writers’ blogs.

As an example, you may find that you’re attracted to blogs which boast plenty of well-taken photographs or you may find that you’re put off reading travel blogs which are written in an impersonal, formal tone.

2. Make sure that your posts stand out

Before writing a travel post, it’s wise to choose a unique angle which is sure to garner plenty of interest. As an example, if you visit Italy, instead of writing a stock standard blog post about visiting iconic attractions such as the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain, you may want to write a blog post about shopping like an Italian fashionista or compose a blog post about the best gelato stalls in Rome.

If possible, always try to find a unique angle to write about, which hasn’t been covered by another travel blogger. If in doubt, use Google to discover whether or not your chosen topic has already been covered well. If you find that another blogger has written about your topic but you think that you can do a far better job, it’s also okay to write about the same topic as another blogger.

3. Consider paying for guest posts, if you’re in need of fresh content

If there is a break between your trips and you’re looking for fresh content to keep your audience entertained, it’s well worth paying for guest posts from established bloggers. One benefit of paying for professional guest posts is that if your guest blogger has an established following, some of their followers may begin to follow your travel blog!

4. Engage with your readers

Make sure to read every comment which is left on your blog post as if you reply to your readers’ comments as soon as possible, they’ll feel valued and will be more likely to follow and support your blog in the long term. Also get into the habit of ending your blog posts with questions, which will convince your readers to leave comments on your latest blog post.

5. Inject a bit of your natural personality into your blog posts

Blogs which thrive tend to showcase their bloggers’ unique personalities. So if you’re looking to become a successful travel blogger, it pays to inject your natural personality into your blog posts. As an example, if you’re a bit of a comedian, you may want to include a few jokes in your blog posts, to keep your posts entertaining and light-hearted.

If you have your heart set on carving out a successful career as a travel writer, it’s well worth following the 5 tips and tricks listed above!