Haris Ahmed on Chicago Superheroes



Superheroes tend to be found in the biggest cities of America. New York City, Gotham City, Metropolis, with a fictional or real, are huge places where superheroes can go to because there is an endless supply of villains. This makes sense, since it is unlikely you will find some sort of megalomaniac genius plotting a plan to take over the world from the block of Removille. However, according to Haris Ahmed, Chicago is also home to his fair share of superheroes.


Chicago Superheroes According to Haris Ahmed


Chicago is the third most populated city in the country so it makes sense that there are some Superheroes of the block there as well as well as some super villains. Indeed, Gotham City, the Batman city, and Metropolis, which came from Lois and Clark, were based on Chicago. Despite this comma very few superheroes have been charged with this fantastic status. Indeed, it will be hard to find superheroes that represent Chicago, and even more so if you look for women superheroes. Yet, if you have paid attention to the old comic books comma you may have come across some of the following Chicago superheroes:


  1.   Heavy Duty, who is the ordnance specialist for the GI Joe team. He likes wrapping, classical guitar, and cooking and is a native from Chicago.
  2.  Toy Boy, a prankster with superpowers who is part of the Honor Brigade. He defends Chicago using witty quips and hilarious gadgets.
  3. The space nights, which are superheroes sanctioned by the government that were made by the Fifty States Initiative, charged with defending all of Illinois. It is not known who is actually on the team but they are there to protect people in Chicago.
  4.  Reuben Flagg, who was really born on Mars. However, he guards sci-fi Chicago, battling against an interplanetary union of government and corporate interests.
  5.  Shayera Thal and Katar Hol, who were sent to earth fighting against the netherworld in Chicago, neighborhood in which mutants, psychics, paranormal, and metahumans we’re based in the south of the city.
  6.  Jimmy Corrigan, who is said to be the smartest kid on earth. He featured in a Chris Ware graphic novel and is lonely and middle-aged, making him very unhappy, but he escapes this using is active imagination.
  7.  Tigre, who is said to have been born in Chicago before she became the subject of a lab experiment and gained mental energy, magic, and science just as the cat people period she now has a beautiful coat of orange fur and helps the Avengers protect the world.
  8.  Luke cage who may not be a Chicago native but he was a hero for hire in the city during the 1990s. He partnered up with Dakota North and cleaned the streets of Chicago through his superhuman durability and strength.
  9.  James Corden, the police commissioner made famous by Batman, who did not always reside in Gotham City. In fact, he spent 15 years working for the Chicago Police Department, which is where he gained his tremendous detective skills.
  10.  Savage dragon. This may not be a typical cop from Chicago, being thinned, green, and big, but he has the strength required to take on the super freaks and Newton stats sound in the city.