Friendly Dog Breeds

When it comes time to choose a dog breed to adopt, it’s well worth opting to purchase a friendly, gentle dog breed which will instantly fit into your family. Kip Doggy Day Care Melbourne reminds us that when thinking about a dog to adopt you need to think about your family’s lifestyle and the breeds personality or characteristics. To discover a few dog breeds which are known for being friendly and social, simply continue reading to discover a list of friendly dog breeds.

Friendly Dog Breeds:


By nature Beagles are happy go lucky, outgoing and active. Unlike most dogs Beagles aren’t wary with strangers and will instantly warm up to new individuals. Beagles even get on well with other animals and love playing with other dogs at community dog parks. If you’re searching for a dog breed which has boundless energy and will enjoy going for long walks with you, you may want to consider adopting a Beagle.

Bearded Collies:

Bearded Collies are one of the most loving, affectionate dog breeds in the world and get on with animals and humans alike. Bearded Collies make great family pets as they don’t have an aggressive streak and rarely become annoyed or frustrated. As Bearded Collies are known for their goofy personalities, living with a Bearded Collie is a lot of fun.

Boston Terriers:

It’s hard to believe that Boston Terriers were originally bred as fighting dogs as they are incredibly sweet and gentle and are one of the most friendly dog breeds in the world. Boston Terriers are so friendly that they’ll usually allow strangers to pet them and cuddle them. While most dog breeds will be wary of attention from complete strangers. As Boston Terriers are so friendly, individuals who own Boston Terriers often take their Boston Terriers to rest homes and hospitals to brighten up residents and patients days. Click here to learn more.


You may be surprised to learn that Boxers are naturally friendly, despite their size and athletic prowess. Boxers love to spend as much time with people as possible and relish family time. If you add a Boxer to your family, it will playing fetch in the back yard, curling up with your family on the sofa and swimming at the beach with your family. As an added bonus, Boxers are loyal to a fault and will always look out for their family members.

Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retrievers love attention and will go up to complete strangers for attention. As an example, don’t be surprised if a Golden Retriever approaches you in the park for pats and cuddles. Some Golden Retrievers will even jump on strangers for attention. If you’re looking for an affectionate dog breed which loves attention, cuddles, pats and kisses you may want to adopt a Golden Retriever.


While most people wrongly assume that poodles are standoffish, Poodles are actually naturally friendly and bond well with their owners. In general Poodles are easy going and sociable and love meeting new people and dogs when they’re out and about.

So if you’re looking for a friendly dog breed, which will instantly fit into your family, it’s a great idea to further research some of the affable dog breeds which are listed above. To read more on topics like this, check out the blog category.