Family cycling: How to keep the fun

It’s something that can be utterly rewarding. At the same time, approach a family bike ride with the wrong mindset, and it can feel anything but.

Of course, we’re not talking about simple trips around your local neighbourhood. Today’s post is more about the long-haul aspect of cycling and how to make it a true family affair. If you are instead looking for an ultimate beginner’s guide, we will urge you to look at this piece over here.

Following on from the above, let’s now look at ways to make sure the fun, excitement and family factor stays on your next long-haul ride with the kids.

Understand everyone’s limits

This is crucial. Just because you’re used to riding for eight hours a day, it doesn’t mean your kids will be. And that’s okay. Take the time to understand what everyone is capable of, and then plan your route and itinerary around that. There’s no point in pushing anyone too hard, as that’ll lead to frustration and, ultimately, a less enjoyable experience.

Not only that, but while you might “get through” today’s expedition, we’re willing to bet that little legs won’t be up for doing the same in the not-too-distant future. In other words, don’t put them off the sport for good.

Location, location, location

The world is your oyster, but some locations are more family-friendly than others. When choosing a destination, consider things like the terrain (is it too hilly? Is the surface smooth enough?), the traffic (are there lots of cars on the roads?), and the general level of excitement (is there enough to keep everyone entertained?).

Of course, this will vary from family to family. Some will take on the cycling tracks around a city like Leeds, while others might take to the countryside in an area such as North Wales. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s all about weighing things up for your family.

Take refuelling supplies

This is a big one, particularly if you have younger kids with you. It can be easy to forget about things like food and drink when out on the open road. But, trust us, you’re going to need it.

Ensure everyone has enough to eat and drink and that you have snacks and drinks available should anyone start to flag. Not only will this help maintain energy levels, but it’ll also prevent any meltdowns (on the part of both kids and adults!).

Stop regularly

Again, this is something that’s going to be crucial if you have younger kids with you. On a long journey, it’s essential to take regular breaks, both for your own sanity and for the benefit of everyone’s health.

Find a nice spot, dismount the bikes, and let everyone have a good leg stretch. This will help prevent any cramping or stiffness, but it’ll also give everyone a chance to take in the surroundings and, perhaps, have a little exploration. All of these points working together will allow you and your family to have a relaxing and fun cycling holiday together.