Cletus Geroges MD – Reasons to Reduce Meat Consumption

Given the further evidence which we now have around climate change, not to mention the source of the pandemic, the push for us to reduce our meat consumption is once again here. This makes total sense of course, and even experts like Cletus Geroges MD are calling on us all to reduce our intake. Dr Geroges began his career in zoology before moving into urology, and he knows all too well the danger that the exotic animal trade can have when it comes to zoo-related viruses.

It is important to note here, that the push is to reduce meat consumption, rather than go fully vegan, in truth, if most of the world reduced by half, that would have a far greater impact than trying to get everyone to go vegan, as only 10-15% may agree. There is a wealth of benefits to reducing meat consumption, and here are just some reasons why this could be a great idea.

Environmental Benefits

There are many people who fail to recognize the fact that one of the most damaging factors when it comes to the damage we are doing to the planet, is the meat industry. We are razing thousands of acres of forests so that we can plant crops to feed the animals which are awaiting slaughter. This, coupled with the sheer amount of energy and water which the industry uses, is exactly why it is causing so much damage to the planet.

Health Benefits

There is also a raft of personal health benefits which you can count on when you reduce your meat intake. To begin with there is the fact that meat consumption inflames the body, and you will notice a great reduction in this when you slow it down. When it comes to red meat we have see many studies which discuss the level of carcinogens in pork and beef, which can cause long term damage to our stomach and out kidneys. Yet another reason how this can boost our health is because of what we replace that meat with. Plant based options are more often than not filled with nutrients and a wide range of general health benefits.

Save Money

One of the most compelling reasons as to why even the biggest meat eater may look to reduce their intake, is that you can save a lot of money in doing so. Plant based ingredients, in the main, are so much cheaper than buying meat. There is an assumption that eating meat free will cost the Earth, but this is the other way around and options like tofu and tempeh are far cheaper than the same amount of meat.

Ultimately in consuming less meat you are helping to save the planet, you are giving your heart and the rest of your body a fantastic health boost and you will also be able to save a lot of money on your groceries each month. Why not give it a try and see how you feel?