Christopher Halajian On The Best Uses Of Yard Signs

Two things that always go together are elections and yard signs. No matter whether you are in the town of Southold or Mattiuck, all candidates use yard signs to promote themselves. According to Christopher Halajian, this is because it is such an effective way to promote a campaign, but only if it is done right. There is no point putting up a yard sign in an estate that has been abandoned, for instance, but if you put them along a major entry route to a city, then the impact can be huge. So how should you use yard signs to be the most effective of all?

Christopher Halajian Explains How to Use Yard Signs

  1. To promote a candidate. Obviously, this is what yard signs were designed to do. If there is a huge and important election, such as a presidential campaign, there will be a lot of media coverage. But in smaller town elections, the campaign managers have to do all they can to promote what their candidate stands for. The aim of the yard sign is that people remember the name of the candidate when they go out to vote.
  2. To provide information about a cause. Candidates stand for certain things. They may want to increase the police budget, give people every third Monday of the month off, lower the legal drink driving limit, and so on. The yard sign can be used to discuss a candidate’s position on how they feel about certain propositions and important causes.
  3. To remember a date. A good political yard sign also provides the necessary details about the election itself. This means it shows when and where people can vote.
  4. To advertise a polling station. This is a tricky one, because there are rules about how close to a polling station a candidate can promote themselves. At the same time, people need to know where those voting sites are. Those signs will generally only be in place on the day of the elections themselves.
  5. To congratulate and thank. Once the election is over and the candidate has been chosen, a good yard sign can be used to showcase this to the community, and to thank them for their votes. Even if the candidate loses, they can still use these signs to congratulate their opposition. Doing so makes them look like a good sport, which immediately increases their reputation ready for the next elections.

Using yard signs is clearly a great way to build awareness of a candidate, campaign, and cause. Every candidate has a certain budget allocated for marketing and quite a lot of that budget will go on yard signs, and for good reason. Thankfully, these signs are reasonably inexpensive to produce. For instance, you can choose corrugated plastic models, which are very durable and affordable. Or, for candidates with a bigger budgets, metal or aluminum signs are also beneficial. Either way, the signs stand out from the crowd and serve a very important purpose..