A Guide to Introducing a Dog into the Family Home

Welcoming a dog into the family is a big decision. Just like your children, they will need to be loved and cared for each day and will require a lot of attention. It is, therefore, only right to bring a pet into your home when you have enough time and money to meet their every need.

If you feel the time has come to become a pet owner, read the advice below on introducing a dog into the family home.

Stock Up on Dog Products

Before you bring a dog home for the first time, you must ensure they will have everything they need to feel comfortable once they arrive. Visit a pet store to stock up on essential products for your new pooch, such as:

  • A dog bed
  • A leash
  • Collar
  • Name tag
  • Water bowl
  • Dog toys
  • Grooming products
  • Crate
  • Blanket

Also, you must ensure they have plenty of food to match their breed and size, and you should buy nutritious treats to care for their health and reward them for their good behavior. CeeBeeDoo provides natural hemp treats your new canine will love and can support a range of health problems, such as anxiety and noise phobias.

Pet-Proof Your Property

In addition to stocking up on various dog products, you will need to pet-proof your property. For example, you must walk through your home and backyard to identify and resolve any potential safety hazards.

For example, chocolate and certain houseplants can be poisonous to canines and should be kept out of their reach. It is also essential to remove any sharp objects that your pooch could potentially injure themselves on. Don’t forget to check that your backyard is secure, as you might need to install a fence that is a minimum of 6 feet tall, so they cannot jump over and escape.

Ensure Everyone is Happy

It is unfair on both a dog and your family if your other half, son, or daughter isn’t happy to welcome a pet into the home. That’s why it is imperative to ensure everyone is on the same page, and they should each meet a canine prior to welcoming them into the family. It will ensure your dog feels comfortable once they arrive and could help you all to develop a faster bond.

Set Ground Rules

While your family might be excited about the arrival of their new dog, you must set some ground rules prior to your pet’s arrival. For example, you must agree on what your new dog can or cannot do within the home, and everyone should have various responsibilities to care for your pet, such as:

  • Refilling the dog bowl
  • Brushing their fur
  • Going for walks
  • Cleaning up any mess
  • Tidying dog toys away

Set different responsibilities for each family member and stick to them, so everyone will play their part in caring for a dog.

If you follow these tips, it will ensure your dog feels safe and welcome in your new home and that everyone is on the same page.