A Beautician’s Guide To Finding The Best Clinics

My friend Sarah is a professional beautician and she has long been my go-to-girl when it comes to all things beauty. After moving to Tampa, Florida last year, I needed Sarah’s help in finding a new beauty clinic. Thanks to her helpful advice I found the wonderful Sono Bello clinic, who have been absolutely wonderful. I asked Sarah to share her advice on finding a beauty clinic so that anyone who is on the hunt for something new, can find exactly what they are looking for.

Online Reviews

Sarah says that people should really pay attention to online comments and reviews, which can be the best way to find out whether or not the local clinic is up to scratch. Whist they are important, she mentions the need to really sift through the information which is written on a review, as sometimes people can amp up their review in order to make the place look better.

Knowing What You Need

Talking about understanding your needs, Sarah speaks a lot about how some beauty clinics can offer a better service than others when it comes to individual treatments. For example a clinic which is brilliant at nails and hair, may not be equally as good when it comes to cosmetic treatments or other beauty treatments. Sarah has worked in a number of different clinics and tells me that this is something which she has seen a great deal of.


Another important factor which everyone should keep in mind is to ensure that the clinic is comfortable and a relaxing space. Sarah mentions how some clinic owners simply don’t invest enough in this aspect of their business, which can leave many customers feeling less than excited when they go in for treatments. Sarah says that the best way in which someone can know if they feel comfortable or not, is to simply make an appointment and try it out.


A word of warning from Sarah was that anyone heading into a clinic for a treatment, should ensure that the person carrying out the treatment knows exactly what they are doing. My friend told me when I was searching for a clinic that I should ask to see any certificates of the beauticians, in order to ensure that they are in fact properly trained. Many treatments which we have at the moment can be very bad if they are not done correctly, so avoiding someone who is not properly trained is an absolute must.


Sarah understands only too well how many clinics can hike up prices for profit and it is important that anyone who is looking for a clinic, understands how much things should cost, and compare it with how much their new clinic is charging. Prices of course depend on the treatment but it can also change based on geographical location.

Thanks to Sarah I found a great clinic and hopefully with her tips, you can too.