7 Signs of Spiritual Growth – Teal Swan

Spirituality is a broad term, and it’s one that everyone defines differently. Spiritual experts like Teal Swan and others say that there are ten core signs that can help us identify where we are on our spiritual path.

If you look back through your life, some of the major events and decisions seem to be part of some master plan. You may not realize it at first, but as time goes on and as those same recurring events continue to occur over and over, you begin to realize that it’s not just a coincidence anymore.

The number 7 is usually associated with completeness, so let’s take a look at the seven signs of spiritual growth and see if we can recognize where we are on our path.

1. You’ve had an experience of God or the Divine

Having a direct experience of the Divine is one of the biggest signs that you are on your spiritual path. The more frequently these experiences occur, the closer you are to truly realizing who you are and what this life is all about.

2. You have deep intuition

There’s a big difference between having intuition and being psychic. Intuition is when you have a feeling about something, but you’re not sure why. With psychic abilities, it’s almost as if you can look at someone and know what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling without them telling you.

3. You are sensitive to energy

Just being able to see other people’s auras is not enough. If your spiritual growth were judged by only this sign alone, pretty much everyone would check it off! But having strong sensitivity means that you are able to feel other people’s emotions and energies even when they are nowhere near you. This can be manifested in many different ways depending on the person

4. You find yourself drawn to the metaphysical world

All throughout history, humanity has sought after purpose and meaning beyond their ordinary lives. Whether they’re searching for truth by following religious doctrine or by exploring the inner workings of science, it is this innate desire to understand one’s existence that makes this longing so universal.

5. You’ve had some kind of spiritual awakening

This event may have happened during an intense meditative experience, after taking drugs, or even when you were in some type of accident. It doesn’t matter how it comes; the point is that your life has forever changed because of it, and every day since then, you’ve worked on integrating its lessons into your new reality.

6. You are highly intuitive without being psychic

You might not be able to see other people’s energies, but there are times where you just get a sense of something before it happens. Even though you didn’t receive an actual psychic vision, the same feeling of certainty is still there.

7. You have a heightened awareness

Your intuition becomes your normal way of being, and you can sense things before they happen or understand information without having to go through the usual channels. All this occurs on a non-conscious level, so it’s not something that you’ll be able to easily put into words for other people.

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