Student life is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. You stay busy with your studies, hanging out with friends and other co-curricular activities without the responsibility of your household on you. Students may still find themselves short on funds they receive from their home when it comes to comfortable living at school. But why rely solely on your family and friends to help you meet your expenses? It is hard to believe that you have not developed any skill that can help you earn on your own. Many of us don’t realize the talents we have that others might be looking for and how we can use those talents to make a decent living.

Dissertation Help Online service offers you these top 5 part-time jobs that you can consider as a student;

1. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is still the number one job that you can consider taking up part-time. You can pick one or more subjects of your choice and offer private tutoring to other students. Being a tutor has the additional advantage of enhancing your knowledge on the subject and helping you develop the ability to deliver it to others.

You can visit someone’s home for private tutoring or can even offer tutoring services online on platforms like myessatgeek.com and buddyschool.com. Most of these platforms are very simple to manage and user friendly.

2. Freelance Writer

The number of people who are getting involved in freelance writing and content creation is growing with each passing day. The most interesting thing about it is that there is still space for more people in the online job market. If you can write engaging content you can register with any suitable online platform and mention your field of interest.

Good freelance writers can make a decent amount of money for their personal needs and the best part is that their knowledge and writing ability keeps getting polished with each job thus making them more valuable in the job market.

3. Retail Jobs

No matter where we live, we all have a shop or some sort of mega-mart nearby which are always short of workers. Such a place can be very appropriate for students to work on a part-time basis. You can work as a shop assistant, shelf filler or even be made cashier depending on your experience and abilities.

Retail jobs have flexible hours and they also teach you how to take responsibility, become more organized and also develop your public handling skills.



4. Caregiving

Being a domestic caregiver has been taken up by students for ages now. It can be in the form of home helper, elderly patient care, baby sitter or dog walker. Caregiving has always been an attractive part-time job for students as a respectable job with good returns.

Caregiving can help you develop patience, problem-solving ability and improved communication skills.

5. Translation and Transcription

Just like freelance writing, another very attractive job you can look into is translation and transcription. With the advent of the internet and wide use of online platforms of education, trade and social interaction, the need to endorse diversity of languages has also come to the forefront.

This has brought in demand people who have command of multiple languages. If you are bilingual you can look for jobs of translating from one language to another. These jobs are usually high in demand and also pay well.

Even if you know only one language but are a good listener, you can still look for Transcription jobs online. You simply have to listen to audio recordings and write it down. There are numerous platforms offering translation and transcription jobs on a part-time basis.


Getting a part-time job is something every student should consider regardless of their financial situation. There is obviously the monitory benefit to such jobs but they also help you master your time management, communication skills, make you more disciplined and also prepare you for the practical job market in the future. Getting a part-time job is a comparatively easy task but it can be a huge learning curve for you in the long learning. All you need to do is to pick the field of your interest and jump right in.