3 Safety Tips To Follow During The Holidays

Every year over the holiday season, people open themselves up to threats and physical vulnerabilities that can leave them hurt and injured, resulting in a less-than-ideal holiday season for themselves and their families. But by knowing some of the most common ways people get injured as the year comes to a close, you can take the necessary precautions to avoid these pitfalls.

To help you see how you and your loved ones can do just this, here are three safety tips to follow during the holidays.

Make Road Safety Your Priority

With the holidays comes colder weather, and, in some places, an accumulation of snow and ice. Couple this with a higher number of travelers on the road due to parties and events and you’ve got a recipe for many potential disasters.

Because of this, it’s vital that you make road safety one of your top priorities during the holiday seasons. According to the National Safety Council, this should include things like avoiding high traffic times on the road, staying off the road during stormy weather, never drinking and driving, and keeping an emergency kit in your car in the event that you do get stuck or into an accident.

By keeping to some of these driving best practices, you can feel more confident that the trips you’re making this holiday season will be done safely.

Have A Plan For Fire Prevention

Another major threat of injury or harm over the holidays is fire. With people turning on their furnaces or fireplaces, candles being lit for decoration, and lights being hung all around, it’s no wonder why many home fires happen over the holidays.

To combat this, SafeKids.org recommends that you always keep an eye on anything that could cause a fire, like any food you’re cooking, candles you leave burning, or lights you string up. Before you go to sleep, make sure all the lights are put out so there’s less of a threat of a fire starting while you’re in bed. And, to be on the safe side, make sure you double-check your smoke alarms so you’ll be alerted if smoke and fire are present in your home.

Know How To Prevent Common Holiday Injuries

With all the decor that people put up over the holidays, many of the injuries people sustain during this time are due to slipping or falling.

When conditions are icy, make sure you take extra care putting up exterior lights or decorations, especially if you need to be up high. And when decorating the inside of your home, the CDC advises that you always use a step-stool rather than climbing on furniture to get the height you need.

To help you avoid ending up in the ER this holiday season, consider using the tips mentioned above to keep yourself and others safe.