Yigang Tang on Investing in Real Estate in Kenya

Real estate investment opportunities exist for international and local investors like, and particularly so in Kenya. This is something that Yigang Tang can help people to do.The route of returns of real estate investments in this African country are almost guaranteed comma albeit only if the right property is invested in in the right place.


Yigang Tang on Kenyan Investments


There are a number of hotspots in Kenya. The first one is the major city. This is where most international real estate Investments are made. The Central Business Districts of Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi are particularly popular for residential and commercial properties with high yields for rental rates.  Additionally, corporate institutions and organizations invest in real estate properties that have lease periods of as much as ten years.


The outskirts, including Ruiru, Thika, Athi River, and Kitengela,  are also very popular. Here, people can live outside of the crowded city and avoid traffic jams and difficulties with parking. It is very cost effective because the cost of development is much lower. Additionally, it looks like individuals and organizations alike are moving towards the outskirts.


Along the roads and highways of the cities, new properties of being constructed and they’re also being opened up to international investors, Mombasa Road and the Thika Super Highway are by far the most popular.


That said, another good hotspot is the tourist areas of Kenya. A lot of European expats and western investors look at tourist areas because Kenya is becoming so popular as a vacation destination. Lamu, Mombasa, and Malindi are particularly popular.  Investment opportunities exist in restaurants, tourist lodges, luxury housing apartments, home resort, and 5 star hotels. The boom in tourism here is as big as areas such as Cape Town and even Miami. This is particularly true for mansions and villas. Sometimes, investors live here themselves and rent out their properties for when they return to their own home countries.


A final investment opportunity is found in wildlife conservation areas and national parks. A lot of people want to retire here and many others see it as the perfect destination for Recreation. Areas around national parks and conservation areas in Kenya that are particularly popular include:


  1. Laikipia, where the Lewa Wildlife conservation is.
  2. Mount Kenya region, where various conservation projects take place.
  3. Tasvo (East and West), known for its beautiful flora and fauna.
  4. Nakuru, interesting for its low cost.
  5. Naivasha, an up and coming tourist destination.


These are just some of the opportunities in Kenya. Anyone who wishes to live here or invest here can really strike a good deal right now. While there are never any 100% guarantees in the world of investment, Kenya Real Estate comes as close to 100% as it can get. Anyone who has the funds available to make such an investment should certainly consider it. Yigang Tang is more than happy to assist those who want to gain more information about these opportunities or who wish to go ahead.