Writing Rules According to Twenty Celebrated Writers


The writing profession is one of the few careers that are private but full of wisdom. You do most of the work by yourself, yet almost everyone feels the need to correct you. According to experts from Write My Essay Today, the best advice on writing needs to come from the authors themselves.

Many authors have shared their basic writing rules. This article shall cover twenty pieces of advice from some of the world’s bestsellers.

  • Joyce C. Oates

Joyce advises writers not to take writing advice from random people.

  • Rainbow Rowell

Rowell warns against overthinking and worrying. At one point or another, a writer or a book will be trending. All trends are different. So do not worry whether your work will trend or not.

  • Alice Walker

Every writer has the freedom of writing. You have all the liberty to write about what you think and feel with boldness.

  • Dave Barry

As an author, your work should be interesting. Your reader should stay engaged and glued to your work.

  • John Steinbeck

A book never gets finished. Take it a day at a time. You will always get surprised at the end of the book.

  • Elmore Leonard

Think like a reader and try to eliminate sections that book-lovers tend to disregard. Avoid wordy phrases and lengthy paragraphs.

  • William Faulkner

While writing, the writer must get into his/her character’s shoes and believe in them.

  • Jonathan Franzen

The process of writing needs to be an adventure for the author. Prepare to venture into an unknown and frightening situation.

  • R.L Stine

Writing for kids is a different thing. Ensure the child knows that the story is not real by eliminating factual components of the world. Children need to feel safe when reading a book in their bedrooms.

  • Henry Miller

As an author, you have to make writing a priority in your daily.

  • Eudora Welty

The writing process creates new conditions and guidelines for every individual.

  • Ernest Hemingway

Always read your work after you finish writing and not while writing.

  • Neil Gaiman

Write your story in the best way you can and with honesty.

  • Kurt Vonnegut

Make your characters relatable. It does not matter how innocent they are. Let them experience tough times.

  • Zadie Smith

Ensure your PC has no internet connection when writing.

  • Margaret Atwood

Make use of rudimentary grammar tools and the thesaurus.

  • Scott Turow

As an author, orient yourself to the current writing conventions.

  • Annie Dillard

When writing, give your best to your book. Do not hold anything back. The temptation to save something for the future is an indication of what you have to use now.

  • Emma Coats

Emma encourages every writer to put their ideas down on paper. You are more likely to share your written ideas compared to unwritten ones.

  • Anne Rice

Take the advice that works for you and make your own rules as you go.


When it comes to advise about writing, the best sources are the professionals themselves. It is best not to pay heed to just anyone. You can search for interviews with your favorite writers and learn from them.