Why You Need to Buy Jigsaw Puzzles and Their Surprising Benefits


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Do you sometimes look for healthy distractions to keep you engaged? Putting a jigsaw puzzle together has numerous benefits to offer. It can help you improve your memory and reduce stress as well.

Various research studies have hinted that working on puzzles can improve visual-spatial reasoning and cognition. Whenever you try to put pieces of a puzzle together, it requires short-term problem solving and concentration. It is more of an exercise for your mind and can boost your productivity and creativity.

Putting the last piece of the puzzle is quite satisfying and provides a sense of accomplishment. Here is why you need to often spend some time putting pieces of the puzzle together.

Exercise to your brain

Working on puzzles is considered to be an exercise for your brain. It stimulates both the right and left sides. The right side is in charge of creativity, intuitive thinking, and emotions. The left side is all about the objective, logical, and methodical side. Follow the link to learn how they help in child development: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/07/200728201605.htm.

When you put pieces of the puzzle together, both sides of the brain work together. This increases the cognitive functions of the brain. Also, the occipital lobe of your brain is activated. Giving your mind an exercise helps in preventing the decline of cognitive functions.

Improves memory

Working on puzzles helps you strengthen neural connections in your brain which in turn improves your mental speed and the way your thoughts are processed. Whenever you pick up a piece of a puzzle, you need to search among others for a particular shape and color that you have on your mind. You improve your short-term memory when you are giving your brain an exercise during the entire process.

Helps you give greater attention to detail

While solving any puzzle, it is essential to pay attention to the details. You need to train your eyes to notice minute differences in shapes or colors for completing the image. It is this ability to capture small details with jigsaw puzzles that help us perform well not just in everyday life but also at work. You can be more precise and detailed by exercising your brain. Moreover, the quality of work also improves.

Increase your IQ

Research done at the University of Michigan indicated that just spending 25 minutes a day in solving riddles and puzzles can raise your Intelligence Quotient score by 4 points.


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Improves your problem-solving ability

For solving puzzles, you need to take various approaches as the entire process is about trial and error. When you are putting the pieces together, you also learn the importance of formulating theories, changing your perspectives, and testing hypotheses.

These skills can be applied at work which will make you more innovative while solving any problem. Further, your adaptive skills and critical thinking will also get better during the process.

Increase in productivity

It is easier to focus on something when you are less stressed and are happy. This is when your concentration improves tremendously and there is a surge in your productivity levels. If you have a problem remaining focused on what you work on or on your studies, then you need to consider taking a short break to work on a puzzle. This will help you reset your brain.

It is because of this reason several organizations have already included puzzles and brain games in their resting areas. Moreover, puzzles are more soothing and addicting. Explore more by clicking the following link. Indulging in brain games helps employees disconnect for a while and de-stress before getting back to work again.

Improved teamwork due to better collaboration

There is another reason why workplaces incorporate puzzles. It helps in building collaboration between coworkers. Researchers at Yale University have found that when workers put pieces of the puzzle together, it helps them improve their ability to cooperate and also improves their relationships.

In summary

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to not just relax but give a boost to your brain powers. Several research studies have supported that puzzles improve the cognitive functions and IQ of an individual. Despite challenging us, jigsaw puzzles help us relax. You are de-stressing when you assemble puzzles.