Why Women Love Jewellery


Why women love jewellery:

1. Jewellery allows women to express their individuality

One reason why women love jewellery is that they can express their individuality through their jewellery pieces. As an example one woman may enjoy wearing classic pieces such as gold and silver bracelets and necklaces and pearl earrings, while another woman may prefer stacks of bright bangles set online and hoop earrings.

2. Jewellery can instantly change the look of an outfit

As an example, a simple black dress or jeans and a white t-shirt can be styled differently, depending on the jewellery pieces which a woman chooses to pair with the same items. So if women have go to outfits that they wear on a regular basis, they can switch out the jewellery pieces which they wear and no one will notice that they have recycled an outfit, which they’ve worn before.

3. Women can be fond of jewellery pieces for sentimental reasons

As an example a woman may be attached to a jewellery piece which was given to her by her mom, dad, grandparent, partner or child. In some cases, a particular piece of jewellery such as a charm bracelet, may remind a woman of a special date, such as her first wedding anniversary or a memorable trip overseas.

4. Wearing jewellery will brighten up any outfit

One of the best ways to brighten up an outfit is to put on a jewellery piece which boasts bold colors. As an example some women love wearing rings which feature gem stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. All of which will add a much needed pop of color to an outfit.

5. Jewellery pieces are heirlooms which will last a lifetime

Jewellery pieces are often thought of as an investment as most jewellery pieces will last a lifetime. In fact, many women enjoy holding on to jewellery pieces that they’ll be able to pass on to their daughters, grand daughters or nieces.

6. Wearing jewellery gives some women an added boost of confidence

Just as some women feel more confident wearing make up, a lot of women get a confidence boost out of wearing stunning pieces of jewellery.

7. Jewellery can accentuate a woman’s natural beauty

Instead of distracting from a woman’s natural beauty, carefully selected jewellery pieces can actually accentuate a woman’s favorite features. As an example, a woman who loves her neck, may enjoy wearing necklaces on a daily basis, which draw people’s attention to her neck. While a woman who has slender long fingers may prefer showing off her graceful fingers with gold or diamond rings.

8. Fine jewellery is comprised of elements which are in limited supply

Many women love the fact that there is a finite amount of gold and silver in the world as well as a finite number of gems and diamonds. As women tend to love items which they are believe are rare and are a valued commodity. Many online jewellery sellers are available in the e-market. But the best and trustable one among them is Melorra. Hence it is the best place to buy bangle 22K gold.

Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of why women all over the world count their jewellery pieces amongst some of their most prized possessions!

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