Why The AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews Are So Good

Gaining a positive review on websites such as Google and Yelp is not easy and any business owner will be able to tell you juts how tricky it can be to have people write nice things about you, even if it may be true. This is even harder for educational institutions and this is why it is an incredible success that the AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts Reviews are so good. For a dramatic college to receive high praise online is something which is quite rare because usually you will find people writing negative criticism because their career hasn’t quite shaped up the way that it was supposed to. Let’s have a look then at what this dramatic college are doing differently which could have garnered such wide praise.


Something which AMDA has always taken pride in is their reputation for integrity and that goes for both their campus in Los Angeles and in New York. Many artistic and dramatic colleges across the country do not have such integrity and you will find that they make promises to their students which they cannot deliver and they will also fail to support the students as much as they should. Judging by the reviews it is clear that AMDA really do live up to their reputation of having integrity.

Best Teachers

The recruitment process to become a teacher at AMDA is notoriously difficult and the reason for this is that they want to have the very best team teaching their students. In the world of dramatic colleges, more so than other colleges, they are often ranked in people’s mind based on how many of their students make it in the world of dance or acting. In order to make sure that the students are given the best possible start in their careers and that the college continues to produce the best talent, they must be taught by the best talent. The high level of teaching which the college offers is also a much spoken about topic when ex-students are leaving their reviews.


It is not only the abilities which the college has that prompts people to leave positive reviews and it seems that something else which AMDA have gotten right is the location of their campus. It isn’t easy, or cheap for students to live in New York or Los Angeles but the college have made student’s lives easier by placing the college in an area with lower cost living options, and close to all kinds of transport links. It is amazing just how hard colleges work on their reputation and getting the best team of teachers, when sometimes students are just looking for a place which is accessible to them.

A lot of colleges, especially dramatic colleges have a lot to learn from AMDA given their excellent reviews online, and this will only encourage more and more students to want to study there.