Why Online Casino Has Become So Popular

The global online gambling market was worth $45.8 billion in 2017 and is expected to rise to a whopping $94.4 billion by 2024. And many people are now shunning land-based casinos in favour of online ones. But why has online casino gaming become so popular? Well, you can learn more by reading on or you can visit Dreamjackpot.


The biggest attraction is convenience. These days, we do everything, from shopping to banking to submitting job applications, online as it’s much easier to do something from the comfort of our own homes. And gambling is no different. I mean, why bother heading to a casino – which in some cases could be thousands of miles away – when you can bring the casino to your own home at the click of a button on your smartphone?


And if that wasn’t enough, online casino gaming offers more choice. In fact, one of the first things you’ll notice when you visit an online casino is the huge number of game choices available. The selection ranges from online slots and table games, to live dealer poker and blackjack. And such choice leads to more satisfied customers. For instance, let’s say you’ve only 10 minutes to spare and you wish to play a $5 game of blackjack at a casino. You could find it very difficult to find a table with such a low buy-in fee at such short notice. But you’d have no such trouble at an online casino where you can play a game at any time of the day and night, for just about any price.


Online casinos are rolling out bigger jackpots and some of the biggest jackpots are now found in cyberspace. For instance, in 2015, ex British soldier John Heywood won £13.2 million on the online slot Mega Moolah. With prizes like this now on offer on the internet, it’s no surprise that customers are turning up in their droves.

Welcome Bonuses

Another reason why online casinos have become more popular has to do with welcome bonuses. Of course, land-based casinos offer these to attract new customers, too; however, due to the high level of competition on the web, online casino introductory offers tend to be much more generous.


What’s more, there are less distractions at online casinos. Land casinos are noisy places where machines beep, coins drop and people scream. Though some people may enjoy these sounds, most of us would rather do without them. And since some casino games such as poker and blackjack require high levels of concentration, millions of people now prefer to play these games at home.


Finally, because online casinos are open 24/7, they usually offer round-the-clock help for any game or payment related issues. Thus, players feel a lot more comfortable than in land-based casinos where help isn’t always available.

Final Thoughts

Online casino is convenient and offers more when it comes to selection, rewards, welcome bonuses, atmosphere and help. So, if you haven’t already visited a casino online, how about visiting one right now?