Why Join the US Air Force

The air force is a fascinating sector to be a part of. Operating on a base of three core values — ‘integrity’, ‘service before self’ and ‘excellence in all we do’ — the air force covers many roles under the umbrella, such as supporting flight missions, protecting air force bases, guarding missile sites and handling base issues as well.

That being said, why should anyone join the US Air Force?

This piece will discuss some of the reasons why those who decide to join, do.

Learning is a Priority within the Air Force Community

To join the Air Force, you must have, at minimum, a 4-year college degree. Fortunately, there are colleges out there, like Excelsior College, that make this easier to achieve. The college has partnered with the Community College of the Air Force, which means you can take their Associate degree, Air Force General Education Mobile (GEM) Program, and fulfill your general education requirements online, no problem. You will have even have the opportunity to take your study further and complete a master’s degree if you want.

Joining the US Air Force and an Increase in Confidence

While it might not be the first thing considered, joining the Air Force can have a profound impact on confidence. Hearing those three values of integrity, excellence, and service before self becomes instilled in those who are part of the team, even if the mantras are not actively embraced. This can give an overall positive outlook on life, and in turn, an increase in confidence.

For example, one man’s experience of becoming an airman and the confidence it influenced was because of the squadron commander, who gave him responsibilities that exceeded his confidence. Because of the commander’s belief in the airman, the airman rose to the challenge, exceeding the expectations of the squadron commander, and in turn, himself.

“There are plenty of roles to get involved with when being part of the US Air Force”

Joining the US Air Force Offers Completely Varied Roles

When joining the US Air Force, it is easy to misunderstand that the sole role is to fly aircraft, but that is not the case. There are plenty of roles to get involved with when being part of the Air Force, which will always keep the job interesting. Expect to practice bomb runs, learn in-flight refueling, undertake the maintenance of aerospace systems and planes using specialist aircraft tools, be a part of the airport base and embassy security, delivering essential food and supplies to impoverished areas around the world, and even undertake special rescue missions over enemy lines. There is always a new skill to be developed and always something useful to learn daily when part of the US Air Force team.

“Enjoy golf, bowling, swimming, arts and crafts and many other recreational activities on base” 

Joining the US Air Force Offers Fantastic Benefits

The US Air Force has it covered when it comes to everything that is needed for a good quality of life. There is often a full calendar of social events for members and guests, along with youth centers for families that visit, ensuring children have a safe and fun place to play and partake in activities.

Many Air Force bases also have a brilliant selection of things to do during downtime, such as arts and craft facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys, and even golf courses.

The US Air Force also offers great discounts at base shopping departments and grocery stores, and even offers access to educational programs.