Which Greek Island Is Right For You?

Greece is a hugely popular holiday destination, attracting 30.1 million people to its shores in 2017. They come to visit the capital, Athens, to marvel over ancient monuments and to savour delicious Greek cuisine. But one of Greece’s biggest draws is the 6,000 islands and islets scattered offshore.

With so many islands to explore, it can be difficult to choose which one to visit – each has its own unique atmosphere and landscape. Some are great nightlife destinations, while others are fantastic cultural destinations. Read on to find out which island is right for you.


Santorini is famous for being a honeymooners’ paradise. This evocative island exudes romance, with its dramatic sunsets and quaint, sugar-cube villages.

Visit picturesque Oia, a dreamy village of blue-topped churches and flower-filled alleyways. Enjoy an al fresco dinner for two as you watch the sun sink into the ocean, turning the buildings golden.

Santorini is a volcanic island with a dramatic mountainous landscape and rugged coastline. Relax on the Red Beach, which has rust-coloured sand and is surrounded by red cliffs. It’s a great place for a romantic picnic.


Not everyone wants their holiday to be all about relaxing. Glamorous Mykonos is the summer party destination for a long list of celebrities, from Naomi Campbell to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Spend your day chilling on the beach, where the super-yachts of the rich and famous are lined up offshore. As the sun goes down, Mykonos really comes alive. Head to Scorpios, a lively beach bar, for a sundowner, and then hit up one of the clubs. Astra is one of the most popular late-night options.


Greece’s largest island is the birthplace of the Minoan civilisation. You can see its influence when you visit the millennia-old Palace of Knossos, or the ancient city of Phaistos.

One of the largest cities, Chania, is also a must-visit for culture lovers. In the atmospheric old quarter, Venetian mansions sit alongside Turkish hammams and Byzantine churches.

But Crete has much more to offer than its history. It has a diverse landscape of enchanting forests, craggy mountains, and stunning beaches. There’s a huge variety of accommodation options, with plenty of sites providing more information on Crete resorts.


If you’re a big fan of Greek food, head to Sifnos. This small, little-known Greek island is renowned for its delicious regional cuisine, made with local ingredients.

Try mastello, a lamb, red wine and dill stew, or spaghetti with lobster. The island is also renowned for its sweet treats, including halvadopita – nougat wafers flavoured with local honey.


Zante has a reputation for being a party destination, but it’s actually a great option for a family holiday – the shallow seas and sheltered coves make the beaches suitable for young children. But there’s far more to do here than hit the beach.

Kids will enjoy visiting the water-parks and playgrounds at child-friendly resorts such as Kalamaki. Zante also offers lots of family-friendly activities, including horseback riding and a visit to Turtle Island, where you’ll spot endangered loggerhead turtles.


Chances are, you won’t have heard of Amorgos. The nature-lovers who visit it would probably prefer you keep it that way.

This remote, craggy, still-traditional island is a hiker’s paradise. The island is criss-crossed by hiking trails known as the Blue Paths, offering stunning vistas of sea and sky.


Naxos is renowned for having the best beaches on the Greek islands, boasting mile upon mile of powdery-white sand.

One of the most popular is Agios Prokopios, justifiably voted one of Europe’s best beaches. You’ll love relaxing on the sand or swimming in sparkling blue waters.

If you want to go somewhere quieter, take a boat trip from Naxos Harbour around the coastline, where you can drop anchor at some beautifully secluded beaches.

Each Greek island offers something for everyone – you’ll find cultural attractions, stunning beaches and great restaurants wherever you go. Take your time when making your choice, but remember, whichever island you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed a great holiday.