When to Use Top Rated Stainless Steel Nails for Home Construction Projects

For DIYers everywhere, we have 3 words for you that could change your life: stainless steel nails. Professional contractors have sworn by the top rated stainless steel nails since the beginning of time. They are the ideal hardware to use if durability is your main concern. However, this doesn’t mean that stainless steel nails are always the best option. Here’s when to use them for at-home projects (and when not to).

Carpeting and Underlay

Sure, more people are turning to classic hardwood within their homes, but you can’t deny the power of a good carpet. If you want to feel as if you’re walking on a cloud everytime you take a step through your home, quality carpeting is the solution. But a carpet is only as good as the nails it is installed with.

If you want the best carpet installation possible, you need to be using stainless steel nails – but not just any stainless steel nails. You should use stainless steel asphalt nails, ideal for carpeting and underlay projects since they are smaller than the average nails and have flat heads.


No matter what type of wood you are using for your cabinets, there is not better choice than stainless steel for the nails you use to install them. For these projects consider using stainless steel panel pins. These won’t damage the wood, even soft wood like pine that is commonly used for cabinets.


Cladding is when one material is applied directly over another. It helps provide insulation, improve aesthetics, and protect against weather for homes and other buildings. There are a few options for cladding nails, but the best is, you guessed it, stainless steel. More specifically, stainless steel annular ring nails should be used for cladding. The texture makes it perfect for applying protective felts and soft shingles.


Similar to cladding, roofing projects require the use of annular ring stainless steel nails. No matter the roofing project, whether it is for a shed or corporate building, this is the go-to hardware to use. Stainless steel is durable in the outdoors and is resistant to corrosion. However, you can also opt for steel ridge nails that come with a plastic washer. Some roofers take this route since the washer is waterproof and provides a tight seal between shingles.


Similar to roofing projects, you’ll want something durable for outdoor decking jobs. Well, stainless steel is once again your answer. Decking calls for stainless steel lost head nails since the head is flat enough that it will go unnoticed against the wood. This type of nail won’t protrude from the wood, not to mention it is weather proof so there is not risk of rust taking over your deck.

When Not To Use Stainless Steel Nails

There are very few construction projects where stainless steel is not the ideal choice, but there are a few nonetheless. There are times when copper or aluminum nails are better suited to the project, like if the material you are working with is thin metal siding. Or instead of stainless steel, you might opt for galvanized steel since it is even more durable against outdoor elements.

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