What’s the Best Car Cover Material?

Covering your car is an essential step to protecting it’s paint and body from scratches, chips, rust and dust. Whether you’re caring for your one-of-a-kind classic car or your rugged work truck, find out what the best car cover materials are for different situations. When your front end covers car bras aren’t enough to protect your vehicle, upgrade to a custom car cover.

The Best Indoor Car Cover

For indoor protection, your car needs a lightweight and breathable material. Parking in a garage protects your car from the worst of the elements, but there are a few reasons to still use an indoor car cover. First, dust collection can still affect your paint and require you to wash your vehicle more frequently. A lightweight indoor cover is great for dust protection. It may be more prone to tearing than a durable, outdoor cover, but will be easy to put on, take off and store while you’re out on the road.

You’ll also want an indoor cover that is water resistant. While it won’t be exposed to heavy rains or snow, your vehicle may still encounter spilled oil, water and other liquids as you work in your garage. If your garage isn’t conditioned, you’ll want a breathable indoor car cover. This breathability will protect your vehicle from overheating in the summer. Excessive heat can damage your leather interior and other features.

The Best Outdoor Car Cover

For the best outdoor custom car cover material, look for a durable, waterproof option. While the interior should still be soft enough to prevent scratches as you put your cover on and take it off, the exterior should be rugged and resistant to tearing.

An outdoor cover should have all-weather protection. You never know when sudden showers or thunderstorm with hit. Of course, most outdoor covers aren’t recommended for extreme weather, but typical showers and snow can still create water spots and streaks on your beautiful paint.

Choose a rugged material that avoids tears. Parking your car outdoors exposes it to animals, pedestrians, bikers and others who may accidentally bump or scrape your vehicle. These accidents would scratch most paint jobs and tear inexpensive car covers, but a premium materials can withstand minor scrapes and scuffs.

The Importance of a Custom Car Cover

Invest in a cover that’s designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle. Even the best car cover material offers insufficient protection if it doesn’t fit well. While not every year, make and model of vehicle will be covered, many vehicles have compatible indoor and outdoor covers designed specifically for them. This will ensure complete coverage and prevent covers from slipping off in strong winds.

Find Your Car Cover and Accessories Today

Take care of your car. Whether your favorite classic car is being stored indoors long term or you want to extend the lifespan of your daily ride, invest in quality car covers and other accessories today. From front end car bras to the  best floor liners for cars, find all the accessories that complement your indoor and outdoor covers and maximize your protection.