What’s New on Twitter 2018

Twitter has always been one of the giants in the world of social media, with people from all over the world being able to connect in a few short words. This global appeal and ease of use make it no surprise that many businesses use it to optimize their sales and popularity with their target market. With constant changes being made to how Twitter looks, and how Twitter can be used, it’s wise to always be on the ball when it comes to using it to make killer social media campaigns. It can be tricky, but there are some key features to emerge in 2018 which you can use to your advantage.

More tweet space

Having more space to promote your brand is always good! Although increasing the tweet space was a somewhat controversial move at the beginning of the year, lots of Twitter users have begun to make use of the double character-space limit on tweets. It is no shock that companies have been the first to see the benefits. In fact, you can outline the great elements to your brand without having to dedicate a whole thread to it. In some cases, the new character limit also allows for sufficient space for customer testimonials to take center stage and drive home sales for your company.

Tell a story

Despite the increase in character space, one of the biggest trends on Twitter this year is creating easily digestible threads for people to immerse themselves in. With a great social media strategy, you can tell consumer stories on your Twitter account, which may have a greater impact than a single tweet. By getting expert help from a company like Eventige Agency, you can make sure your content is snappy, relevant, but also emotive. Establishing such a connection with your followers means they will become truly invested in your brand over a short time, and may even create a ripple effect by sharing your tweets with their own followers.

Cracking the algorithm

It is always key to have great content on your Twitter channel, but the introduction of the new algorithm makes it much harder for people to see it. Primarily, the algorithm comes down to how much engagement you have with your followers. Where hashtags are still a great way of attracting new followers, it is just as important to retain your current ones. To increase engagement, it’s best to make use of polls and open-ended questions that your followers are likely to respond to. Moreover, you should always make sure to reply to anybody who starts a thread with you, as this will not only bolster your great reputation with customer service, but it will mean your chances at cracking the algorithm are much higher.

It’s not all about words

Twitter has thankfully made it much easier for accounts to interact with their followers by endorsing video and image as being just as important as words. Not only can these elicit a more emotional response in followers, but they are also just as likely to generate retweets and favorites to help boost engagement and conquer the algorithm. It means your social media strategy should have a strong focus on other mediums besides written content.