What’s a Fun Business to Start?

Starting your own business needs to have a strong idea that will eventually turn you a profit, yes, but no business will ever reach success without a leader who genuinely enjoys what they are doing. Starting up from scratch means long days and even longer nights spent working; you should definitely make sure it’s spent on something you love and have fun with. Here are a few ideas that will suit would-be business owners from a range of backgrounds and interests.

For Beauty Lovers

This one might sound unusual to start but it’s a fun and creative entrepreneurial idea that can leave you flush with cash. DIY magnetic eyelashes like these could be your ticket to having your own business and having fun at the same time. Magnetic lashes contain tiny magnets so users don’t need glue to attach false eyelashes. These magnets don’t pinch or hurt, and so make a great shortcut for those wanting a splash of glamour without the hassle of lash glue and delicate false lashes placement. With magnets, they simply snap into place.

These advantages have unsurprisingly garnered a huge market share and anyone with a creative mind and a unique look in mind can cash in on it. Come up with a statement look and a brand to match it, find some vendors, and you’re good to go. Perhaps you could experiment with funky colors to stand out from the crowd, or tailor your magnetic strip lashes to a popular theme. Whatever your idea, have some fun coming up with the perfect magnetic eyelashes for your business.

For the Salespeople

If what you find fun about business is closing sales and that rush of knowing you’ve helped someone out with your business, then a sales-oriented business is likely for you. Selling a staple business product, such as inverter generators, could be a great first step for you. Inverters are designed to create more electrical energy that can then be transformed into usable power. They are a form of clean energy with power capabilities to match most competitions, while also causing far less noise than most standard generators.

This makes them a great choice for small businesses who might not need much power but need it to be reliable and on their own terms. The low noise level and regular electrical output also mean they won’t disturb any neighbors, so they are great for small businesses that might share rental space with others. Selling inverter technology means you will be face to face with other business owners every day, can meet people from various backgrounds and can sell a product that will genuinely help them and their business out on a day to day basis.

For Chatters

If what drives you every day is talking to people, hearing their problems, and helping to solve them, why not set up a coaching consultancy as your small business? Being a successful business coach relies heavily on your personality. If you’re a trustworthy person who can build a rapport with clients easily, it could be a smart step for you.

Once you have built up credibility, you will be the top pick for those wanting to take the next step in their career, but who perhaps aren’t sure how to do it. It’s worth picking a specialty; look through job sites to see what industries are frequently hiring. This suggests growth in that area, so you can know that there will be lots of people entering that industry who might be seeking advice.

This business also has low overheads; you could even do it remotely or work from home if you wanted. For any startup business person who has a good listening ear, this could be a smart step forward for you.