What is Deep Learning

Deep learning is a technological tool that can be used in the creation and operation of artificial intelligence. It allows AI systems to act intelligently and to perform tasks such as being able to recognize objects and to be able to translate text, within a matter of seconds.

Discover how deep learning can change the world and know about one of the most influential technological learning processes in the world.

The History of Deep Learning

Deep learning has been designed to mimic the layers of neurons which are found in the neocortex, in the human brain.

You may be surprised to learn that deep learning is not a new concept and has been around since the 1950s. However, deep learning wasn’t a targeted focus of scientific research until the 1980s when Geoffrey Hinton, a well-regarded computer scientist, put forward the notion that deep learning could be used by computer systems to recognize shapes and to predict words.

Uses of Deep Learning

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Siri, which is a smartphone virtual assistant who can understand human speech and can provide individuals with quick answers to everyday questions. Siri is a result of deep learning.

Another example of technology which has been influenced by deep learning is Gmail’s predictive software, which gives suggestions to complete the sentences you were typing so that you’ll be able to spend less time writing emails.

No matter who you are, if you use technology such as a smartphone and laptop on a daily basis, it’s highly likely that you use technology which utilizes deep learning at least once a day. If you’ve wondered how Facebook is able to accurately identify your friends in the photos which you post, the answer is also deep learning.

Future Uses of Deep Learning

Currently, scientists from multiple car companies are working hard to develop safe, self-driving cars, that is able to react just as quickly as human drivers to any potential dangers on the road.

While self-driving cars are still in the trial and error stage as self-driving cars use deep technology, their computer systems will be able to learn from their mistakes. As deep learning systems often work using trial and error. So don’t be too surprised if self-driving cars are zooming around your city in the next few years.

Will AI systems be a match for the human brain in the future?

A potential has been seen as powerful AI systems that utilize deep learning will surpass the programming power of the human brain. In fact, in 2016 an AI system beat a human world champion in a Go tournament. Go being a popular Chinese strategy game.

Challenges earning

The biggest challenge associated with deep learning is that deep learning systems require a sufficient amount of data to have a successful operation.

Hopefully, you now have a solid grasp on the importance of deep learning and how deep learning has continued to change the world.

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