Ways to Keep the Kitchen Child-Friendly: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms


The kitchen is where stay-at-home moms can spend quality time with their children. Aside from the time, having them around while preparing food for the family is a way to train them to be responsible and independent by giving them little tasks to perform. Although a bit risky, this should not prevent the kids from helping in the kitchen. This activity can be done by setting up a child-friendly kitchen area where the safety of the little ones is assured.

Put sharp tools in an enclosed shelf

The most common tools used in kitchens are sharp knives and grating equipment. Since children are very observant about what is happening around them, they tend to explore everything they see. An enclosed shelf where all the sharp tools are kept must be ensured to prevent the children from getting painful cuts caused by these sharp objects.

Ensure that gas appliances are out of reach

Other risky materials that can be found in the kitchen are the gas appliances. Proper commercial gas installation London offers can provide a safer set-up to keep gas-run equipment safe to use and out of the reach of little kitchen buddies. This step can prevent gas-related accidents that may happen in the kitchen, such as fire and gas leaks if children have easy access to these appliances.

Provide a specific area where the children can roam and work

Giving the kids some space in the kitchen where they are allowed to roam and imitate what their mothers are doing is also a fantastic idea to consider. This space will serve as their workstation where they can help in preparing the food to cook. Mothers can also provide a shelf for small kitchen supplies and dining needs placed in a lower location that children can reach and let them get those to pass on to their mother while cooking or preparing the dining table.

Orient kids about safety measures in the kitchen

Children, even though they are young, can understand simple instructions, especially if the consequences of not following them are well-explained. It is important to orient them about the safe parts of the kitchen where they are allowed to roam. Putting creative labelling of kitchen stuff and components can also help to remind the kids of the areas that they are permitted to touch or explore, and the risky parts that are off-limits. Establishing these mechanisms will provide a child-friendly kitchen that the kids will enjoy.

Position emergency items

Since accidents are sometimes inevitable, it is better to position emergency items in the kitchen area such as a medicine cabinet, alarm button, fire extinguisher, and telephone extension. These items can be introduced to the kids, so they know their functions and when to use them in case an emergency arises.

Stay-at-home moms have many ways to enjoy motherhood, and it includes making the home a safer place for the children at all times.

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