Top Tips For Raising Teens

Every adult was once a teenager, and this means they know how difficult life as a teenager can be, as well as be aware of the many changes that they face every day. Having said that, as a parent, raising teenagers can be a challenge, especially as they may face difficulties that you don’t know how to handle. Nevertheless, there are ways that you can make raising teens easier for both of you, and the best way to start is by seeking the right information. Below, you’re going to find top tips for raising teens that should help you along your unique journey.

Be Present

Spending quality time with your teenager is something you should regularly be doing. Whether they want to spend this time with you or not, it’s one of the only ways to develop a healthy relationship.

Schedule in time on a weekly or monthly basis and rotate activities. You can spend time doing things that they enjoy as a way of getting to know and learn more about them as a person.


If you want to get through the teenage years in one piece, communication is essential. Talk about everything from light-hearted topics to ones that aren’t so easy. It’s crucial that you learn to have uncomfortable conversations where you discuss things like sex or drugs. If you notice signs that may indicate that they’re struggling with substance abuse especially, talk to them about it. In the case that they are battling with such, go to and look for a suitable recovery program for them.

Set Rules

When raising teens, setting rules is an important part of the process. Seeing as they’re slowly becoming adults, they have to learn how things work in the real world. By giving them rules to abide by and ensuring there are consequences for breaking the rules, you’re teaching them responsibility. This will prepare them to be better adults and manage their lives when they’re out on their own.

Be a Good Example

As your kids grow, they begin connecting the dots and judging you a parent. It is, therefore, vital that you lead by example and practice what you preach. They’re going to start paying more attention to what you do and less to what you say, so make sure your actions are worth copying. It’s also okay to remind your kids that you’re human and make mistakes as well. You can do this by apologizing when you’re wrong.

Develop Trust

It is important that when you’re raising teens, you develop a level of trust. You want them to be able to come to you at any time as well as feel comfortable being open with you. Try and avoid being judgmental and also respect their thoughts and opinions. The older your child gets, the less of a dictatorship it becomes and the more of a relationship you need to develop.

Raising kids of any age isn’t easy and requires patience as well as attention. You’ve got to understand your child and their unique needs as well as keep the communication going. By doing so, you should find that you’re both able to get through the teenage years partially unscathed.

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