Top tips for making a difference as a teacher

Teaching is a fantastic way to positively influence the lives of your students, help them see the world from a new perspective, and introduce them to important subjects they may need to rely upon their entire adult lives.

In reality, though, it is difficult to stand out as a teacher and make a true difference in the lives of your students. Simply turning up, following the set curriculum word by word, and setting dull homework assignments is no way to inspire the next generation.

Instead, you need to be able to engage with every single student you teach on an individual level, making allowances for different learning styles and personalities at an incredibly impressionable point in their lives.

Far from just teaching your classes about your chosen subject, you can start to make a real difference when you act as a role model for their wider learning abilities and behaviors as a human being.

Here is a number of top tips for making a difference as a teacher:

You need to gain your teaching qualifications from the right source

The first step to making a difference as a teacher is to gain your relevant qualifications from the right source.

While you can acquire your teaching qualifications from numerous institutions, it is important to learn from a program that puts the emphasis on your future students rather than just you specifically. This will help you teach personal qualities such as self-respect and confidence to your students, which is what makes all the difference to their development as rounded human beings.

If you are interested in a program such as this, is a good place to start.

Engage with your students on an individual basis

Helping your classes to learn and grow as individuals requires you to engage each and every one of them in your lessons.

Engagement is no easy task, given the level of disruptions, behavioral issues, and distractions present in a typical classroom – especially in the age of smartphones and instant gratification culture. However, it is vital if you are to make a difference as an educator.

There is no single method that works for engaging your class because every student is different, but appealing to their human nature is the best course of action. If you are teaching a particularly dry topic, try and liven it up by offering relatable real-world examples or scenarios, using storytelling, or by encouraging active participation.

Appreciate that every person learns differently

Lastly, if you want to make a difference as a teacher, then you need to appreciate the fact that everyone learns differently. While you cannot cater to every student’s strengths all of the time, you should be consciously able to communicate to each student using the channels which work for them.

For example, some students might respond best to visual learning, others from active trial and error. Bear this in mind when constructing lessons in order to ensure every single student gains a valuable education.