Top Ten Tips to Play Online Slots

Trips to the casino have been popular for generations. They offer entertaining ways to win some extra money with a little bit of gameplay. Nowadays, the culture is changing with the proliferation of online casinos all over the world.

Modern technology is now allowing us to win money (or at least have some fun!) from the comfort of our own homes through online casinos and slot games. This fun way of passing the time is amusing and could make you wealthier.

While there is no set way to beat these computerized games, there are some methods that can help increase your chances of winning. Gamblers have been giving advice on how to win for ages, but a lot of it does not ring true for online playing.

Online slots can be a lot of fun when you know how to hit it right, or even when you’re just there to have a good time! Keep in mind these 10 tips that could benefit your online slot game.

  1. Have a gameplan

Before playing, it is a good idea to know what types of games you want to play. There are so many game options in online casinos that it is worth doing a little research before you start.

The two types of slots for big winnings are progressive and fixed slots. Progressive slots have much larger payouts, ranging from the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. However, there is not a high chance of winning these high-paying slots.

Fixed jackpot slots pay out thousands of dollars, and there is a chance of winning more often. This could be the choice for you if you enjoy a bit less competitive gameplay.

If neither of these is your speed, look for games with interesting designs and cool themes. They are fun to watch and play and often involve interactive bonuses. While there is not as high a chance for big winnings, they can be more entertaining to play.

Jumping right into an online slot without knowing what it’s all about isn’t always the best idea. Do a bit of digging first to decide your place in the online casino world.

  1. Don’t settle for one online casino

Online casinos are constantly in competition with one another. You should always explore the competition before dedicating all your time and money to one place. You can also consider playing on multiple sites to boost your chances for a win.

Many online casinos have wagering requirements. This refers to the amount of money you have to put in before you can cash anything out.

You want to look for the online casinos with the lowest wagering requirement to reap more winnings. Some don’t have any requirement at all, so you can cash out after putting in any amount you choose.

Another aspect of online casinos to consider is their cash-out limits (for the most comprehensive information at a casino level, check out OnlineCasinoGems). Some limit the amount of money you can cash out, putting a cap on your gains. Others allow you to cash out any amount you may win.

You want to walk away with as much money as possible, so it is worth searching for online casinos with high cash out limits.

Find out which online casinos best suit the type of game you hope to play before committing to a favorite. There could be an opportunity to win even more out there if you just do a bit of research!

  1. Set a budget

When you visit an online casino, you may tell yourself not to spend too much, but just how much is too much? Start out with an amount of money you want to play with to keep yourself in check.

It is key to only spend what you have to make sure you don’t lose it all. Only bet what you can afford, no matter how tempting those extra spins or bonuses may seem. Keep yourself from getting in too deep with a budget.

It is also helpful to put winnings aside so you don’t end up losing more than you started with. That way, when you do walk away, you’ll at least be where you began.

Online slots are a lot more enjoyable when you don’t lose too much and gain a little extra.

  1. Accept free gifts and promotions

All online casinos are in competition with one another for players. To reel in as many as possible they often have giveaways.

Giveaways most commonly come in the form of free spins. When you take these, there is a chance you could win money without spending a dime on the spin. Free money is always exciting!

Check your favorite online casinos frequently (or referral sites like Gambling Horizon) for new ways to win that don’t cost you anything. During the summer months, they tend to run more promotions since fewer people are spending time online.

  1. Play “loose slots”

While some believe “loose slots” to be a myth, they actually exist to bring more players in to live casinos and online ones.

The loose slots that are present online are a great way to win big. They are categorized as such when they give about 96% of a player’s bets back to the player.

When searching for an online slot to play, look for the ones that have the most frequent payouts. They are hypothetically more likely to give you a win.

Some online casinos advertise a slot’s return to player (RTP) percentage to help you gauge which machine you might want to play. If it isn’t displayed, you can always reach out to the casino website and ask.

This number is an average of the machine’s RTP over a long period of time, so it is not guaranteed. That being said, a high RTP will still give you a better chance of winning.

  1. Avoid slots with branding

Slots that attract you with your favorite celebrities are not always the ones that pay the highest. Oftentimes, it is quite the opposite.

Branded slots appeal to players with popular culture references but don’t pay out as high as some others. They exist to make the online casino money using your hard-earned dollars.

Online casinos pay a lot of money for slots that are themed to musicians or television shows because they know fans are more likely to play. The goal is that these slots will bring in more players and ultimately more money.

Opt for the slots that don’t make use of pop culture but are still attractively designed. They maintain the fun factor without risking the payout.

  1. Don’t be afraid to bet big

People that use online casinos every once in a while tend to bet the lowest amount possible. Even though it is all random, low bets offer less of a chance for a big payout. Betting small often drains the player’s bankroll in most of the games.

Using the double or even triple feature on online slots offers a better chance for a big win. The more money you bet on slots, the longer you can play since you won’t pay so much on each spin.

Putting in a higher amount is more likely to lead to a higher payout as well as a greater chance of winning.

  1. Practice on free slots first

We test most things out before we buy them, and you should practice the same methods for online slots.

Before betting any money, it is a great idea to practice for free. Many online slots offer a free play option so you can get to know the machine and how it works.

Every slot is different, so it is smart to become familiar with each one’s individual patterns and outcomes. This also offers you a way to practice your online slot strategies.

Get to know when you like to stop playing or when to bet higher because, in a free game, the stakes are much lower.

Once you know that you like the slot and are confident in your strategies, you can place a bet and hope to win!

  1. Take Breaks

Playing online slots for too long can potentially hurt your chances of winning because you might lose focus from mindlessly clicking that ‘spin’ button.

Play in intervals with breaks in between to reduce the number of mistakes you make while playing.

Breaks also keep you from gambling too much of your money, and they give your brain a rest to get your online slot skills back up to their standard.

In between gameplay, grab a snack or make a phone call. Get away from the screen for even just 15 minutes to come back refreshed and ready to go again.

  1. Play to have fun

Going in to play online slots with high expectations of winning is a great way to be disappointed.

Playing for fun is the only way to enjoy yourself since you’ll get more excited if you do win. If you expect to lose, winning will feel so much better!

Online slots are totally random, as they follow computerized algorithms. There is no way you can predict winning it, so go in with the mindset of playing for fun.

Online slots are an entertaining way to keep yourself busy that could potentially make you some money. If you play smart, there is a better chance for you to win big.

Don’t fall for advertising traps set by casinos to take your money. Get a bit of background before starting your gameplay and you are sure to have a better time.

Hope these tips help you with your gaming experience. Good luck and hope you find a loose slot you can win from.

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