Top 5 Tips to Becoming a More Approachable Boss in Your Workplace

One of the best ways to create a warm and productive workplace is to be kind and caring to your employees. If you want them to come to you with any work related issues without any fear then you have to be more approachable. Break those walls between yourself and them.

It is no longer cool to be a strict boss who makes everyone feel like they are walking on eggshells; actually it has never been cool. Treat your staff like you would want to be treated if roles were reversed. Let us have a look at some of the ways you can create a strong and open relationship with your employees.

Create an Open Door Policy

And I mean it literally, leave your door open if you are not in a sensitive meeting that requires privacy. Spending the whole day behind closed doors will make your employees feel like you are distant from them and most times they will be afraid of coming to you in case of any issues. Make them aware that you are at their service anytime they need you.

Get rid of those hierarchies in the workplace so that anyone can get access to you without having to go through a manager or any other senior person. This kind of setting will provide assurance to your employees that you care about them and value their opinions.

Learn Their Names

Are you the kind of boss who has to be reminded of an employee’s name all the time? Try and change that about you. Make it a point to know all your members of staff by their names. This will make them know that you recognise their presence in the office and appreciate them.

They will also feel more connected with you and will be open with you. It will also cut those awkward moments in the elevator when you do not even know how to address them while holding small talk. It is not a difficult task if you set your mind to it.

Smile More Often

Get rid of that stern face while in the office. There is no single person who can be happy all the time but if you are a leader among a group of people, then you might have to fake it at times. Smile at your employees more often, even when you have personal issues bothering you. Do not be the kind of boss who comes to the office to unveil all their frustrations on their employees.

It is okay to get angry at a member of staff when they are in misconduct but you can be annoyed and nice at the same time. Avoid shouting at your employees in the office as this is a sign of disrespect towards them. You can make an employee feel unwanted in the workplace by the way you talk to them and even your body language.

Join in On Casual Fridays

As a leader you are supposed to lead by example, so why let them dress in jeans on Fridays and then you come in with a suit. Try to engage with them in every activity that happens in the office. Ditch that suit and tie and join them in casual wear. Casual days in an office are very important as they allow your employees to let loose at least for one day in a week. Let them see the other side of you.

Surprise them with a look that they would neve imagine on you as their boss, not even in their wildest dreams. Go all in even on the makeup, put on those 3d mink lashes that you only wear for a girls night out, why not? You can even offer to buy them drinks after work on Fridays.

Reward Good Performance

Make it an office tradition to carry out a gift ceremony once or twice a year to reward your employees on different merits. You can create different categories to be awarded such as employee of the month or best performing employee and let them work hard for the rewards. Whichever method you choose to reward them, be it through bonuses, incentives or even physical gifts, that is up to you.

You can also have a general award for every one of them so the others do not feel left out. Maybe buy each and everyone leather cases for their work phones. This is a good way to keep them motivated and maintain productivity.


In order to become a good boss and leader, sit down and reflect on your days as an employee and think about your former boss and how they were. If they were friendly and inviting to you then you can learn a few things from them, if you dreaded going into the office because of your unpleasant boss, then figure out how you can be the opposite of that. Treat your office like your home, you would never want to make your family feel uncomfortable and afraid of you, right? Incorporate some of these ideas and create some extra cupboard space to accommodate world’s best boss mugs this Christmas.