Tips to Help You Have a Bespoke Suit When You Have Limited Time


The first thing that you need to know about bespoke suits is that they take time to finish. Tailors create them with love and passion. Each creation is a masterpiece that they do not take lightly. They want to release to clients only the suits that look fantastic. It is why it takes a lot of time for them to get the job done. Another reason is that you create the design from scratch. You decide what fabric to use or draw the pattern you want. Changes will also happen all the time based on your body measurements until you feel satisfied. However, if you do not have plenty of time, is there a chance for you to have a bespoke suit still?

Yes. These tips will help you wear this suit despite time constraints.

Choose simple designs

You can add several details to your suit, or you can have something a lot simpler than your original idea. You do not have enough time, so you can reduce some of the details that you wish to see. The goal is for the tailor to finish the suit on time and unnecessary details will only prolong the process.

Select an available fabric

Some tailors already have fabrics in stock. You can choose from the existing fabrics if you want to finish on time. When your fabric choice is not available, the tailor will order it, and you need to wait for its arrival before the project commences, and you do not want that delay.

Maintain your weight

Avoid undergoing a diet for the event or bulking up because it will change the original measurements obtained. If you cannot fit in the suit because of drastic changes, the tailor will make the necessary alterations. However, when you maintain your weight and alterations are not crucial anymore, you can wear the suit as soon as the tailor has finished it.

Check previous designs

You can also look for designs that the bespoke tailor already did in the past. Instead of starting from scratch, you can make edits based on the existing design since your tailor is already familiar with it. He will not need to figure out how to finish it on time because he knows the details well already.

Do not give up

When you want a bespoke suit for your wedding or another special event, you need to allocate enough time for your tailor to finish the job. If you do not have a lot of time left, it is okay. You can still proceed with your plan. Talk to your tailor about your decision and cooperate with him. You also need to stop insisting on the designs you want and listen to suggestions. Of course, you need to prepare to pay the amount necessary for the suit, as it can be quite expensive.

Start looking for a tailor now and discuss with them your plans and when you want to receive the finished creation from them.

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