Tips to Help Increase Your Distance from the Phone When Using It


Try your best not to keep your phone close to you when using it. The phone emits radiation, and if it gets closer to your face, you are putting yourself at risk. Even when not in use, you cannot keep the device close to your body since it continues emitting radiation. When you are walking or sleeping, you need to keep the phone as far away from your body as possible. These tips will help you keep a distance from your phone.

Keep your calls short

The most significant risk when using the device is when you call and place it next to your ear. You are exposing yourself to huge risks when you do it. Therefore, you need to keep your phone calls short if possible. Instead of calling another person, you can decide to send a text message. You can deliver the same message while reducing the distance.

Wear eyeglasses

If you have vision issues, it helps if you decide to wear glasses. The tendency when you cannot read the message on your phone is that you keep the device close to you. When you wear eyeglasses, even at a distance, you can still see what you are typing.

Enlarge the fonts

Another tip for people who have vision issues is to use larger fonts. They make it easy for you to see the messages that you are typing. You can also decrease the number of apps on display per page so that you can easily find what you need.

Use a headset

When you call someone, you can use your headset or turn the speakerphone on. You will hear the person you are calling without placing the mobile phone close to your ears. You can find several options these days that allow you to have a hands-free call.

Turn the airplane mode on often

When you are at work, or you are doing household chores, you need to turn the airplane mode on. It helps prevent all notifications from coming in. You need it to ensure that you do not keep checking your phone and feel tempted to use it. You can turn it off once you finished what you need to do, and you are ready to respond to messages and return calls.

Use protective devices

When you cannot help it and decide to use your phone close to your body, the best thing to do is to use EMF protection. You need to block the radiation from entering your system. These devices are effective in doing it. You do not need to fear radiation anymore since it will not affect you, or at least protection devices will reduce its impact, even when you keep the device close.

You cannot be complacent with radiation since it is very powerful. Keeping a distance from your phone when using it will help ensure your safety. You need to start soon before it starts to affect your health.

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