Tips for Students From Students

You are a student and have many things to keep track of and decide on. You might turn around in a fog of constant bad conscience. And if you think: “What should I do to get the most out of my study time” … so do not worry! We have collected the best tips and tricks from our study time.

Reading room and efficiency

Avoid reading at home. Your home will not be associated with work, and you’ll be easier to relax when you’re home. You can also agree to meet with some from your study so you can hold breaks – so you avoid easier skip actions in the reading room.

Use reference software

Take a course in reference software. You save oceans of time and there will always be control of the references in your tasks. Learn this system as one of the first – you’ll need it from start to finish in your education.

Take free courses

Stay up to date and professionally sharp. Your employer expects you to have InDesign, Photoshop, SEO and Google Analytics on your CV. All courses can be obtained free of charge through Communication and Languages.

Take advantage of the flexibility

If you do not have lectures every day, take advantage of the flexibility. Go to fitness at. 13.00 instead of 17.00, and then you can go to the reading room afterwards. That way you avoid the rush hour in both places. If you are in an urgent situation and you are required to collect an essay, you can hire a cheap essay writer to save time.

Study job – start early

It may be difficult to land a relevant study job. You may be convinced that there is always one who is more qualified than you. But they may not be looking for the same job as you are. Do not be scared of a rejection or wood. At one point you will find the job that suits you perfectly.


An exchange stay can give you an international reference and an experience for life. It may be cross-border to be away from family, friends and girlfriend, but it is worth it. In addition to a different study environment, you will learn a new culture and new people.

Organize your time

Avoid stressing things you may have forgotten. Get your appointments in the calendar right away, whether it’s an episode, a deadline or a family birthday.


No matter how diligent you are in your study, you will always be able to get a bad conscience. There are always suggestions for supplementary reading, lectures and other subject-relevant activities. Choose what you think is most important to you this week and grab something you prioritized last week.

Stay up to date

Often it can be hard to find the time to bury in today’s newspapers and news. If you take ten minutes of each day, you should be fairly covered. Follow any news pages on Facebook and Snapchat.

Enjoy life and break

Many students have lots of privileges and a limited amount of responsibility. Enjoy the freedom! Many students tell about exam periods where they work 8-21 every day. It works for some while 8-16 works better for others. Notice, and unless things really burn, remember to give yourself a day off.