The Need for Speed: Or the Need For Risky Accidents

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you want the feeling of things rushing past you quickly to your sides? Do you like that adrenaline factor? Many people will say yes. But, it’s important to recognize that the need for speed also can translate into the need for dangerous accidents! That’s a very blunt way of putting the issue, but the fact is, the faster that you go, especially in certain types of vehicles, the more likely an accident is to occur.

Think of three times when going too fast is going to get you into trouble. First of all, going fast on a motorcycle is extremely dangerous in specific contexts. Second, going too fast will get you in trouble with the law. And third, if you do injure yourself, going faster when it happens means that your potential for having long-term consequences of that harm will be much greater.

Motorcycle Crashes

If you’ve ever talked to anyone who’s been in a motorcycle crash, they will tell you it was a harrowing experience. What about if they were speeding at the same time? What if they were going too fast for their environment? Those are when real risks happen. Then, when you have to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer afterward, you have to explain to them that you were part of the problem because you are not operating at a slow enough speed.

Trouble with the Law

Adrenaline junkies have trouble driving just normally in their cars. And because of this, they chronically speed on country roads, main roads, and highways. Anywhere they have a straight shot, they push on the gas pedal. This need for speed is going to get you in trouble with the law directly. Anything more than 5mph over the posted speed limit, and you can get a ticket that will involve fines or even jail time. If you hurt someone or cause property damage during one of these speedy endeavors, the consequences can be far worse.

Long-Term Consequences of Injuries

The faster you go, the more you can hurt yourself as well. High-speed injuries are far worse than low-speed ones. Because the force of the impact is so much greater and the distance involved has so much more magnitude, what might otherwise be a minor injury can turn into something catastrophic if you’re going too fast when it happens. Talk to anyone who has been in a car crash when they were going more than about 40 miles an hour, and they will tell you that this is the case.

There are plenty of activities that you can do safely going fast. Driving is not one of them, particularly if you’re driving out in public with all of the other cars on the road. Recognize the risks before you start to accelerate, and that will improve your chances of a safe journey.

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